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Landscape Technician

The Landscaper 1 is a basic entry-level labor position, and the backbone of an efficient/productive landscaping crew. A Landscaper 1 understands their place, and is expected to work hard and learn as much as they can. Assigned tasks include general landscaping related activities such as: digging, raking, sweeping, heavy lifting, and other duties as assigned. Proficiency in more advanced disciplines is not necessary. This is a full-time position with a pay range of $15-$20 per hour. This position is eligible for bonuses.

Daily Responsibilities

· Good attitude - Show up daily ready to work and learn.

· Attendance - Be on time.

· Listen – Follow instructions, ask questions.

· Properly clock in/out of jobs.

· Assist in loading/unloading work vehicles

· Have a strong work ethic, and show and eagerness to learn/improve

· Maintain personal safety with issued PPE. Keep others safe.


· Must be hard working, and show an eagerness to learn and improve

· Must have a valid driver’s license

· Must be able to work 40+ hours/week

· Must be able to report to remote job sites

· Must show up every day, on time

· Must be able to life at least 50lbs on a regular basis

· Must be 18 years or older


Date Job is Available


$15 - $20 DOE

Job Application Instructions

send resume to sandra@earthx.us

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