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Golf Course Superintendent

Tanglewood Shores Association, Inc. (TSA)

Superintendent of Golf and Grounds Maintenance (SGGM)

Job Description


A.     Job Description:

This position is for a Superintendent of Golf and Grounds Maintenance for Tanglewood Shores Association, Inc. This includes a 9 hole golf course, association roads and grounds, recreation area and all other association owned common properties. Responsible for all aspects of maintenance on the above mentioned properties, equipment maintenance, and maintenance yard operations. Directly supervises full-time, part-time and seasonal employees. Perform additional duties as required such as defining material and equipment needs, directly ordering or obtaining quotes for procurement of materials and services.


B.      Reports To:

President of the Board of Directors


C.      Positions Supervised

Maintenance Employees Full-Time, Part-Time and Seasonal


D.     Position Summary:

The SGGM shall be in general control of all maintenance (golf and association) operations. The SGGM is responsible and will be supervised by the President of the Board of Directors. The SGGM will coordinate activities with the club manager or other persons designated by the President of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may unilaterally modify these job duties and assignments at any time.


E.      Major Duties:

1.      Maintain a 9 hole golf course and practice areas at Tanglewood Shores Golf and Country Club.

2.      Maintain all Common Properties of the Association

3.      Maintain the Maintenance Yard in an orderly fashion

4.      Identify, budget, plan, schedule and accomplish maintenance requirements for all of the Association Common Properties

5.      Maintain all Association owned/leased equipment

6.      Maintain accurate listings of Insurance and Inventory of the Equipment owned/leased by TSA

7.      Maintain a record of Maintenance required and performed on each piece of equipment owned/leased by the Association

8.      Track and dispense of TSA equipment no longer in use

9.      Procure all supplies and equipment, within the limits of the Association Budget, for each category of expense

10.  When necessary, obtain 3 quotes and partner with the President of the Board for approval on any procurement over $2,500, using best value vendor and without splitting invoice purchases.

11.  Coordinate and emergency action plan with the President of the Board

12.  Comply with all Federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and State Environmental and Safety rules and regulations.

13.  Hire, train, and supervise all maintenance employees

14.  Provide input for the annual budget

15.  Operate within the approved budget in the conduct of all major duties

16.  Attend and provide any requested reports to any organizational meeting

17.  Maintain records of all maintenance/treatments/application action accomplished on the property

18.  Maintain a current and valid state drivers license

19.  Maintain a current and valid license for the possession of, storage, mixing and applications of chemicals and fertilizers required.

20.  Attend all BOD meetings and provide a report on all maintenance operations

21.  Assist the Association with the running of golf tournaments

22.  Assist the club manager or other persons designated by the President of the Board of Directors in the procurement of merchandise/food for sale in the community center

23.  Assist the club manager or other persons designated by the President of the Board in marketing and food sales.

24.  Perform other duties as assigned


Educational Requirements

Associates' Degree desired, but experience can make up the difference. 

Job Benefits

2 weeks vacation

Full Family Membership (Golf, Pool, Rec) 

Other benefits may be discussed in the interview

Date Job is Available



Job Application Instructions

please email your application to omtanglewood@gmail.com


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