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Assistant Superintendent

Assists the golf course superintendent with the development and management of a golf course. The responsibilities are  to supervise  and participate in the construction and maintenance of the golf  course and club property, to supervise and participate in the service  and repair of the turf grass equipment and  construction equipment,  o keep and to prepare appropriate records and reports.

Educational Requirements

 A degree in agronomy/ horticulture or equivalent knowledge.   

Experience Requirements

Experience in golf course maintenance. Participatory knowledge of the game of golf.  Knowledge of construction, establishment and maintenance practices employed on golf courses. The ability to  train, motivate and effectively direct  the employees of the course.  Ability to follow written and oral direction. The ability to effectively lead in the absence of  direct supervision.

Job Benefits

Participation in Club's benefit package. Association dues, golfing privilege's , meals, clothing, expenses for regional conferences and seminars

Date Job is Available


$65000 ++

Job Application Instructions

Send a resume to brookpete@aol.com or call 1-203-333-5520


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