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Assistant Superintendent


About Houston Country Club:

The club first opened in 1908. Originally it occupied an 18-hole course southeast of downtown Houston. The country club moved to its current Tanglewood location in 1957. The former Houston Country Club was renamed the Houston Executive Club and is now known as the Gus Wortham Park Golf Course.

Houston Country Club consist of 1300 members.  Each member values your presence and experience at HCC.  It is our utmost priority to help every employee reach their personal and career goals.  The membership considers the employees as part of their family.  Scholarships are awarded to all employees and their dependents who apply and qualify to further educational goals.  

In 2019, Houston Country Club embarked upon one of the largest campus wide renovations in the country.  Clubhouse, tennis, swim, fitness and the entire golf course maintenance facilities were included in the project.  At the same time, the HCC approved the master planning of the golf course and bayou renovation work lead by golf course architect Andrew Green.  The tentative start date for this renovation is scheduled for the fall of 2025.  The future assistant superintendent will be involved in the planning and execution of this renovation.   It’s a great opportunity to experience golf course construction from start to finish.      

Two departments make up the Green and Grounds Department at Houston Country Club. The Golf Course Crew maintains the playing surfaces and practice facilities; the Clubhouse Grounds Crew maintains the clubhouse, golf shop, tennis, pool, entry areas, and the landscape on the golf course.  Presently, the Green and Grounds Department consist of 43 employees- (25) golf course, (10) clubhouse grounds, (3) golf course managers, (1) horticulturist superintendent, (3) mechanics, (1) director.  Both departments must operate as one seamless unit if we are to provide the best country club experience in America. 

Job Description:

Under the general supervision of the Director of Green and Grounds and/or the Golf Course Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent is responsible for directing and participating in the construction and maintenance of the golf course.  The Senior Assistant is directly responsible for scheduling and monitoring the AIT/Chemical Applicator with all pesticide applications to the golf course and clubhouse grounds.  The incumbent is responsible for assisting with record keeping for payroll, personnel, operations, equipment, chemicals, weather and safety.  Also responsible for maintaining effective employee and public relations.  The individual must be able to plug themselves into the daily operation and work with all employees.  Reports directly to the Golf Course Superintendent.  MUST BE ENGAGED WITH THE OPERATION AND A SELF-MOTIVATING INDIVIDUAL.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for ordering all fertilizer and chemical products for the golf course and clubhouse grounds. Products ordered are based on the chemical monthly programs and fertilizer/chemical budget.  Communicate with Director of Green and Grounds and/or the Golf Course Superintendent additional chemical and fertilizer needs outside of the approved budget.
  • Must be able to keep daily records of each day’s activities, weather, and pesticide applications. Must record all chemical applications.
  • Submits monthly chemical inventory usage and water usage to CFO
  • Completes accident reports and submits to HR.
  • Assist in the hiring of all new employees.
  • Must attend all Green and Grounds Committee Meetings and record the minutes for the committee. Minutes must be sent to Director of Green and Grounds one week after meeting.  Prepare and present quarterly educational presentation for committee.

Crew Management:

  • Devise and assign daily job assignments golf course crew in the absence of the Golf Course Superintendent. Job assignments must be delivered in a clear and concise manner.
  • Properly train new employees or employees performing new job assignments.
  • Conduct with the Golf Course Superintendent “On Course” training sessions with golf course crew. Must complete one crew training session per month.  Scheduled by the Golf Course Superintendent. 
  • Coordinates with the Director of Green and Grounds and the Golf Course Superintendent all drainage, irrigation, and landscaping projects. Serves as Project Manager for inhouse projects.
  • Coordinate with Head Mechanic or Assistant Mechanic daily equipment needs.
  • Responsible for devising and executing the Monthly Chemical Program for the golf course. 
  • Instruct equipment operators in the safe, efficient operation and care of mowing and other equipment.
  • Ensure that daily operation is being managed with efficiency and provide the highest quality playing surfaces possible.
  • Conducts monthly safety meeting with golf course and clubhouse personnel.
  • Records all water meter readings and fuel usage. Must send this to the Houston Country Club CFO at the end of each month.
  • Must conduct all safety meeting and keep accurate records of attendance.
  • Responsible for the oversite and scheduling of the AIT/Chemical Applicator.

Golf Course Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and participate in all chemical applications made to the golf course.
  • Must be able to identify weed and disease issues and act accordingly with the proper use of pesticides. 
  • Collects all soil, water, and tissue samples.  Collect data for properly managing playing surfaces- clipping yields, soil temperature, water pH testing, etc.
  • Must monitor greens moisture as assigned.
  • In the absence of the Golf Course Superintendent, the Assistant must be able to operate and conduct maintenance of irrigation system, pumps and drainage systems. Must make daily adjustments and set night time irrigation programs. 
  • Must have the ability to calculate and calibrate chemical sprayers and spreaders.
  • Observe the golf course for any problems and advise the Director of Green and Grounds regarding any issues.
  • Monitor and participate with the daily set-up of the golf course.
  • Completes the daily Course Conditions App update to HCC members. Must add project updates, alerts, articles, and keep an overall update on app.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Educational Requirements

  • Must have a 2/4-year degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Obtain a TX state pesticide license within the first year of employment.

Experience Requirements

  • Must have at least 1 to 2 years progressive golf course management experience

Special Requirements

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Work Schedule: Average 42 hours per week.  Weekend Crew Management:  Work every third weekend. 

Job Benefits

•  Pay:  Salary position.  Commensurate with experience and qualifications.
•  Bonus based on Club’s performance and goals/objectives accomplished by employee
•  Participation in Club’s Health Benefit Program (medical, pharmacy, dental, vision) in accordance with the Club’s policy 
•  Group Term Life Insurance and Accidental, Death and Dismemberment at no cost in accordance with Club policy.  
•  Participation in the Club’s medical care reimbursement account in accordance with Club policy.
•  Paid Time Off (PTO) in accordance with Club policy.
•  401K plan in accordance with Club policy.  Club match of 4% begins after 1 year of service and a minimum of 1,000 hours.
•  Long Term Disability at no cost after (2) years of continuous service.
•  Professional Development- Club will pay for all local, state, and nationally recognized GCSAA organization memberships.  All travel to conferences, workshops, and seminars will be paid for in accordance with fiscal budget.
•  Licensure – Club will pay for yearly license and classes associated with CEU credits.  
•  Volunteer/Tournament Experience:  Highly encouraged and all travel costs will be paid for in accordance with fiscal budget.
•  Uniforms- $1000 per year
•  Cell phone allowance- $100/month
•  Monthly fuel allowance
•  Dining- Meals while on duty can be taken at Employee Dining Room at no charge.

Date Job is Available


$50,000 to $60,000 per year

Overtime: Yes

Job Application Instructions

Please email all resumes and cover letters to bweeks@houstoncc.com

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