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Golf Course Superintendent


The Club at Cordillera is seeking a Summit course Superintendent.  Among the 64 holes of golf at Cordillera, the Summit course stands alone at 9000 feet of elevation.  While the short golf season may seem like an easy task, the Summit isn't for the faint of heart.  The right individual is one that desires to be part of a mountain turf team which leaves their egos at the door, communicates well, and embraces the challenge of training a seasonal staff and repairing from long, harsh winters.

Main job duties:

  • Aids the Director of Agronomy with preparing and maintaining the annual golf course maintenance budget and capital plans.
  • Plans, organizes directs, and performs related tasks to the timely minimization of winter turf damage including but not limited to:
    • Elk Damage
    • Mechanical/machine damage
    • Vole damage
    • Desiccation (turf loss from drying out)
    • Ice damage
    • Snow Mold
  • Safely operates snowcat and snowmobiles to pack, monitor, and groom the course during winter operations.
  • Plans and directs proper winterization of the golf course including and fencing, tarping, end-of-season agronomy practices, and chemical applications.
  • Maintains a working knowledge and provides recommendation on the agronomy programs associated with management of the specific water, soil, and turf types of the course.
  • Operates and maintains irrigation pressure relief and reduction valves.
  • Operates and troubleshoots pumps and motors associated with the golf course as well as pump transfer lines for the property.
  • Oversees and repairs broken water lines, heads and valves.
  • Communicates with Director of Agronomy, Director of Golf and Head Golf Professional to discuss conditions of golf courses, maintenance plans and scheduled events.
  • Plans, organizes and directs the maintenance and construction of putting greens, tees, fairways, roughs, and bunkers.
  • Supervises the planting and cultural practices involved in growing various turf grasses, trees and ornamental plants
  • Ensures that maintenance equipment is properly maintained.
  • Procures supplies and materials within budgetary limitations.
  • Keep records of annual maintenance activities and costs. Prepares reports.
  • Implements sound purchasing procedures utilizing preferred vendors, when possible.
  • Reconciles and provides timely coding of all invoices, payroll and other required documents.
  • Coordinates and operates machinery associated with property snow removal program.
  • Ensures all company policies and procedures are followed including compliance with government regulations.
  • Ensures that they and all associates obtain proper training and/or licenses needed to perform job tasks safely and within city, state, and federal regulations. Addresses directly all real or perceived environmental concerns.
  • Ensures proper mixing, calibration, and application of all chemical/fertilizers used on the course.
  • Manages department members that may include, but is not limited to: Assistant Superintendent, 2nd Assistant Superintendent, Head Mechanic, Environmental Technician, Equipment Operator, Foreman, Greenskeeper, and Irrigation Technician.
  • Assures that effective orientation and training are given to each new associate. Develops ongoing training programs.
  • Regular and reliable attendance.
  • Incorporates safe work practices in job performance.

Educational Requirements

2 Year Associates in turf or related field preferred.

Special Requirements

  • Above all, humility.
  • Desires to grow in all areas - from leadership to agronomics 
  • Individual who has demonstrated growth by implementing learned concepts, best practices and standard operating procedures.
  • Asks the right questions and is curious to know the operation outside of the course specific department.
  • An individual who’s staff respects and receives their coaching.
  • Leads an efficient and properly trained crew.
    • They have the supplies they need and have been clearly instructed.
    • They have equipment that is safe and functions properly.
    • They move properly in-play.
    • They eliminate extra trips to the shop.
    • They are diligent when they work, not stopping to chat each time they pass someone.
    • They don’t have to “go back” and re-do work that should have been completed correctly the first time.
  • Adheres to a facility-first mindset with regards to accomplishing goals.

Job Benefits

A healthy benefits package includes: Health, Vison, Life Disability, Dental, 401K, Golf, Uniform allowance, Cell allowance, Relocation assistance, Possible short term housing, GCSAA dues paid, Pesticide dues paid, Local education paid.

Date Job is Available


$75,000 to $90,000 per year

Overtime: No

Job Application Instructions

Send resume, cover letter, and references to dsoltvedt@troon.com


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