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Irrigation Technician


Job Purpose

The Greenskeeper Maintenance Technician is responsible for keeping golf course grounds functionally and aesthetically sound. The Greenskeeper Maintenance Technician preserves lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, stair paths, retaining walls and turf. Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Greenskeeper Maintenance Technician helps maintain equipment, supplies, and orders.



  • Maintain healthy turf conditions through periodic and scheduled applications of granular and foliar applied fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, other pesticides, fungicides and growth regulators in accordance to manufacturer labels
  • Under Superintendent’s direction, schedule sprays of all types for green applications
  • Calibrate spray equipment and granular application equipment
  • Ensure safe operation of application equipment by cleaning and sanitizing equipment after use according to local, state and federal pesticide laws and regulations
  • Dispose of fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, other pesticide, fungicides and growth regulator containers in accordance with local, state and federal laws and regulations
  • Posses and keep current local, state and or federal applicators license.
  • Maintain the condition of the irrigation system including the pump station through daily monitoring
  • Troubleshoot problems that may occur to the irrigation system. Repairs and maintains irrigation controllers, heads, wiring and piping
  • Schedule irrigation cycle
  • Spot water greens, tees, fairways, rough and landscaped areas
  • Maintain course accessibility and appearance using power and hand tools to perform activities such as: mowing, weeding, edging, set up and raking sand traps, laying sod, planting trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Use tools and/or chemicals to perform weed abatement, pest control, irrigation, and cultivation and proper drainage activities
  • Maintain the appearance of all green areas by changing cups, tee markers and tee towels, emptying trash containers, and maintaining ball washers
  • Operate and maintain utility vehicles and equipment following company safety standards and manufacturers recommendations
  • Observe and report to manager any potential agronomic and maintenance equipment problem issues
  • Keep grounds free from trash, litter, and debris, and empty trash receptacles.
  • Conduct basic irrigation audits and perform basic irrigation repairs
  • Remove snow by using a shovel or snow blower – if applicable
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Educational Requirements

  • Specialty/Technical training required (2-year college degree preferred) and 2 years of related of related experience in horticulture or related science or equivalent combination of education and experience

Experience Requirements


  • 2 years of golf course maintenance or closely related equivalent experience preferred
  • Ability to drive turf vehicles
  • Pesticide applicator license required
  • Knowledge of fertilizer /chemical equipment calibrations required
  • Ability to operate mowing, line trimmer, edger, sprayer, tiller, chain saw, demo saw, spreader, leaf blower/vacuum, golf cart and dump truck equipment
  • Working knowledge of and ability to use hand and power tools and equipment
  • Ability to understand and follow directions
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers - in some locations ability to communicate effectively with Spanish speaking co-workers may be required
  • Valid driver’s license

Job Benefits

Full-time position with health, dental, vision, and retirement benefits

Date Job is Available


$18 to $25 per hour

Overtime: No

Job Application Instructions

Follow Application Link to apply


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