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The candidate for this position should have a positive attitude, ability to work with/ instruct others, good communication skills, and great attention to detail.  This is an excellent resume builder for an individual working towards being an  Assistant Superintendent.  The AIT will work closely with the Superintendent in all aspects of the grounds operation as well as simple Items around the clubhouse as directed by the General Manager. 

Duties include:

Irrigation maintenance and repairs

Water management

Employee training

Task scheduling

Equipment operator

Helping to maintain equipment

Fertilizer applications

Experience Requirements

1-2 years of experience of golf course maintenance. 

Job Benefits

*Profit Incentives*

Golfing Privliges

Employee discounts

Professional Dues


Date Job is Available


$35,000 to $37,000 per year

Overtime: No

Job Application Instructions

Please Contact Clark Rookstool: 864-293-4019


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