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Assistant Superintendent



The assistant golf course superintendent reports directly to the golf course superintendent. Under the superintendent's supervision, the assistant superintendent directs and participates in the maintenance of the golf course areas, including but not limited to, tees, greens, fairways, and cart paths; supervises the maintenance and repair of motorized and other mechanical equipment; and does related work as required. The assistant superintendent may serve in the superintendent's capacity during his absence.  Great opportunity to learn and advance  with Concert Golf Partners.  Concert Golf currently owns and operates over 30 private clubs across the country.  


  • Assists in planning and supervising the maintenance of greens, tees and fairways; schedules work; and supervises the employees and the use of the equipment.
  •  Instructs equipment operators on the operation and care of mowing and other equipment; supervises pesticide applications and/or operates and calibrates pesticide application equipment; and supervises and participates in the operation and maintenance of pumps, and in the maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Strongly motivated to align and partner with superintendent to complete all tasks to the highest standards and achieve team goals.   
  • Assists in personnel management and evaluation, employee safety and personnel discipline.


Educational Requirements

  •  Associate degree or bachelor’s degree in related field is preferred.

Experience Requirements

  • 3 to 5 years in a golf course maintenance management position.
  • Need to be a proven leader.


Job Benefits

Full benefit package includes: Health, dental, vision, and life insurance.  401K, meals, uniforms, golfing privileges, PTO days, bonuses.

Date Job is Available


$55,000 to $60,000 per year

Overtime: No

Job Application Instructions

Send Resumes to: Jeff Therrien, CGCS Jtherrien@concertgolfclubs.com

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