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Richard Gigoux

Golf Course Superintendent or Golf Course Superintendent job

By Richard Gigoux,

I have spent all of my professional career in the golf industry, with over 15 years of hands on experience. I am experienced in directing, planning, and executing day to day operations or future applications months in advance. Further more my extensive knowledge of soil science and nutrients will help me succeed in any setting. Being used to a fast paced resort atmosphere, I know the importance of customer service, and client retention.


certificate in turfgrass management and horticulture


over 15 years of golf course experience, majority of the time working in a management company and corporate golf.  I have a passion not only for agronomy, but the game of golf, which helps produce better playing conditions by understanding what golfers want.  With my experience in such a saturated golf market here in the Coachella Valley, has led me to have a better eye for detail, and to get in front of things before they become a problem.  

Work History

I have worked for PGA West for the past 3 years, prior I was with Troon golf for 6 years reaching the director of agronomy title.

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