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Cody Burnsed

Turf Equipment Technician job

By Cody Burnsed,

Hello, I am Cody. Thank you for taking the time to look over my resume. I graduated from the Florida Gateway College  "Turf Equipment Technology " program in 2011.  I interned at Grand Cypress Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL under the supervision of Director of Golf Tom Alex and Equipment Manager Larry Smith. Between both of these excellent mentors, I was able to learn the valuable importance of quality of cut and a good preventative maintenance program.  With over 300 pieces of equipment, it was rare to have any type of major break down at Grand Cypress Resort during my stay. I was trained to check over each machine daily after each use, checking the height of cut, reel to bedknife contact,  filters, fluids, and even the tire pressures were checked after each use.  Though I did not choose to stay in central Florida after my internship, I don't believe I could have been given a better opportunity to learn the industry straight out of school.

After moving back up to north-central Florida I went to work for Gainesville Country Club as their primary equipment technician. After getting my feet wet there, I was able to implement some maintenance practices and shop management skills I learned from the Turf Equipment Technology program at FGC and what I learned at Grand Cypress Resort. I was blessed to be able to work with a great team of people. I was able to develop great communication between the operators which helped, especially with aging equipment.

Eventually, I moved to be closer to my now wife and I had to give up my job at Gainesville Country Club due to an hour and a half commute one way.  I went to work for a local John Deere dealership which serviced residential and commercial landscape equipment as well as agriculture equipment.  I gained a huge amount of knowledge in mechanics, electrical, drivetrains and hydraulic at the dealership. Here I was given the opportunity to rebuild gas and diesel engines in many different types of equipment, troubleshoot and repair electrical issues, program, reprogram or update computer software on equipment, troubleshoot and repair drivetrain issues, troubleshoot and repair hydraulic issues and learn how to work with diesel exhaust filtration systems.  In my role, I worked on mostly equipment 40HP and under,  everything from simple services to full engine rebuilds. In the slower times, I did work on equipment up to 120HP doing services, DPF troubleshooting and repairs, electrical work and services. 

My wife and I have never been happy in Florida and we have finally convinced ourselves to permanently move, where to exactly is what we are keeping an open mind about.  We lived outside of Asheville, NC temporarily and loved it.  Our two biggest goals are to move somewhere with plenty of outdoor activities and the ability to eventually settle down in a more rural area. I love to freshwater fish, so that would be plus too. 

We have been preparing and pretty much have all our packing done for a smooth and hopefully very quick transition. My wife will need to give a two-week notice, but we are for the most part eagerly awaiting our queue to go. 

I am very flexible with my schedule at the moment and willing to travel for interviews.  I also have a vast collection of tools and tool chest to store them in that I would be more than willing to bring with me.  Update:  5/21/2019 Still seeking opportunities and available.



August 1995 – May 2008                Homeschooled                   Hawthorne, FL

Graduated with an emphasis in mathematics and mechanics.

 Courses include:

 -Diesel Mechanics

-Algebra                                                             -English                                                                                 

-Consumer math                                              -General Science (honors)                                                                              

-History                                                              -Physical Science (honors)

-Music theory                                                    -QuickBooks Pro


February 2010 – June 2010   National Training Inc.       Orange Park, FL

Graduated with Heavy Equipment Operators Certificate.

Courses Include:

-Lubrication & Pre-operation                          -Basic controls

-Land Clearing & Leveling                                -Preventative Maintenance

-Laser Technology                                              -Bulldozer

-Excavator                                                            -Skid Steer

-Articulated loader                                              -Backhoe


August 2009 – July 2011    Florida Gateway College/LCCC    Lake City, FL

 Turf Equipment Technology Diploma

Courses include:

-Mechanics                                                          -Diagnostics

-Welding                                                              -Sharpening and Grinding

-Management                                                     -Management II

-Mechanics II                                                     -Diagnostics II

-Reel Adjustment                                              -Computers in golf course management


May – 2011   International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association

 Certified as an Assistant Technician.


  • Almost six years professional experience in small engines and diesels.
  • Knowledge of reel set up and QOC.
  • Knowledge of reel and bedknife grinding.
  • Knowledge in backlapping and facing bedkives.
  • Knowledge in diesel engines up to 50 HP.
  • Basic welding skills.
  • Some fabrication skills.
  • Ability to run golf course and heavy equipment.
  • Familiar with how to set-up and implement a preventative maintenance program.
  • Electrical troubleshooting knowledge.
  • General mechanical knowledge to figure most things out. 

Work History

(May 2014 - Sept 2016) (Feb 2017 - Aug 2018)              HoBo Tractor Co. (John Deere Dealer)           Lake City, FL

Small Engine Technician;   Responsible for repairs and service of all diesel and gas equipment 40HP under that comes into the shop. This includes service and repairs on mid-size tractors to compact tractors, service and repairs on commercial lawn equipment, service and repairs on residential lawn equipment, service and repairs on Gator utility vehicles. Rebuilding small diesel engine, rebuilding small gas engines, driveline repairs, steering repairs, leveling mowing decks, repairing leaks. Troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical issues using diagrams and electrical servicing tools. Using John Deere Service Advisor and communicating with John Deere DTAC solutions center for proper diagnostics and repairs. Installing new accessories such as radios, front end loaders, winches, guards, roofs, baggers, ect. on new equipment and tractors. Completing pre-delivery inspections on new equipment. Assisting the shop manager with daily customer relations and record keeping. Completing housekeeping duties to maintain a clean shop environment. Using John Deere Parts Advisor to look up parts for repairs. Assist in parts department as needed. Service and light duty repairs on larger agricultural equipment.


April 2013 – May 2014         Gainesville Golf & Country Club        Gainesville, FL

Equipment Technician; Maintain and repair all equipment used on the golf course such as, fairway mowers, greens mowers, rotary mowers, tractors, 2-stroke engines, 4-stroke engines, small diesel engines, sharpen blades, grind reels and bedknives, preventative maintenance, checking height of cut, checking reel to bedknife contact, maintaining a consistent quality of cut. Also,  help out on course when needed, cutting cups, raking bunkers, setting tee markers, mowing greens, brushing greens, aerifying greens, course clean-up.  


 Oct. 2012 – Nov. 2012              Future Horizons Inc.               Hastings, FL  

 Aquatic Management Trainee; Assist spray techs with spraying herbicides in ponds, lakes and ditches to control plant and algae growth. Assisted with fountain repairs.


Jan 2012 – Sept 2012    Two-Fold Water Engineering      Melrose, FL

Lineman; Maintain and repair city water lines, read meters, assist water and wastewater treatment operators, test backflow preventers, lake water sampling, repair chlorination pumps, facility maintenance.


 May 2011 – July 2011         Grand Cypress Resort           Orlando, FL

 Equipment mechanic/Intern; Maintained and repaired all equipment used on the golf courses. Check the ht of cut and reel to bedknife contact for quality of cut daily, performed preventative maintenance, performed any repairs assigned to me by the equipment manager.



Date Available