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Jacob E. Gonzales

Assistant Superintendent or Grounds Supervisor/Manager job

By Jacob E. Gonzales,

Although some may question 'why would you wanna learn all those languages' - what I do to keep my self motivated in life and entertained as I do not go out unless its on road trips : that's it : t (did anyone noticed, BTW, if you do a colon_space_letter 't'  - you get a selection of fonts ?  I'm always discovering things like this, accidentally, and it's also kinda of how I stay motivated in a field that i've work in off/on for the past 2 decades.  If you're wondering why or how i'm seeking to moved, citing me 'not being happy' or anything in that respect : cite human nature.  I know the topics I throw out there are far from the normalcy related to turf but i've noticed there isn't too much in term of discussion or general talk in this field.  I've worked at small time public municipal courses, mid-range country clubs and other centers that have great playing conditions or have a lot of rounds coming in.  If you're looking to hire someone who can motivate, the right individuals, or has the ability to operate most equipment - then i'm that person : I can fill multiple roles for courses with smaller operating budgets or can be someone you entrust to care for trees and to reduce the water footprint.  I'm a conservationist, be it ensuring natural homes of wild animals be less disturbed or by keeping the original design of a course intact by actually getting out of my seat and putting back those stakes that keep encroaching golf carts from destroying limited-watered areas.  Disposing of animal carcass, snake removal, flying / biting / stinging insects are also a skill in handing that I responsibly possess.  I enjoy working with intent, not with 10% effort / 90% observation, meaning I see enough motion in the right direction and this opens up management challenges that would make an area appear more diverse, establishing uniqueness, and providing new experiences for employees to become crew foremen or project managers to turf students seeking to improve their resume(s).  I'm a second general university student and a 5th generation Texan : so i've had some pretty good experiences in both areas (academic / regional) but also I've learned there are always areas that need great employees but just do not have the titles that would provide the opportunities.  If you're a super looking to have someone fill a role, meaning that 5-year wait on a vacation can finally happen, or someone who wants to reduce the amount of overtime they're seeing - then I'm someone who can build that trust in less than 6 months and give the best example to what tried leadership can provide.  I have BOTH vocational education as well as university level education : meaning i've had most of the labor experiences as well as learned (and applied!) the management techniques necessary to have great results.


Texas Tech University : CASNR - Plant Soil Science - Horticulure + Water Conservation Certificate (in-progress) through C. West @TTU    (150+ hours complete / transferrable)

Western Texas College - Snyder, Texas - Vocational Training          (95% complete A.A.S.)

Southland I.S.D. - Southland, Tx   - H.S. graduate                      

I have a great grasp of literal texts, science theories, technical manuals and am able to either 'KISS' (keep it seriously simple) or be more elaborate in explanative techniques and have the ability to provide the expected level of diction in any explanation or training opportunity of others at levels that remain representative of their comprehension. 


I'm not sure - about my phone # being on here (but I have a call filter),  but feel free to give me a call.  I'm in Texas, so it's Central Time.  I know it's a bit of a hassle to set aside the time, and reminder, to make a phone call, but I've had to do similar when doing over-the-phone interviews.  I'm able to do ZOOM interview(s) or Skype, if requested, I have ZERO Vehicle accidents in the last 3 years, a good DL, and reliable transportation (2016 w/under 50k mile).  I have golf clubs should the area have limited commercial zones, i've kept count - over 20,000 golf balls flown down range, over 100+ courses played and at one point a 2.4 USGA handicap, I enjoy custom golf shafts in my set and have SC putter.  I have a newer laptop, if necessary for work documentation AND a student level Pro-Core certification (system for documenting / putting out work orders/instructions), I am aware of scheduling methods, and also have a Research Gate account where I apply my background of calculus and chemistry knowledge as I work to understand soils better - by better I mean past what i've learned as an undergraduate.  I'm very approachable and friendly (do not lose temper / patience).  I've taken the MMPI II and have not received a bad review.  I do not put more emphasis on selling a 'must be hard work' type, so personal on/off the job injuries are minimum outside of a triplex parked too close to a line. 

Work History

I have 2 former careers, as a supervisor and manager.  I was given 100% raises, at one, every 6 months for 2 years, prior to moving up.  The second I received supplemental training and certifications.  I have worked for $15.00 / $13.50 respectively and received commission at Class-B operator (I would make $280 for 4 hours of driving), so as far as salary discussed : i'm not stranger to higher pay rates. 

Date Available

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