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Jacob E. Gonzales

Assistant Superintendent or Horticulturist job

By Jacob E. Gonzales,

I've worked both cool season as well as warm season - both native & hybrid.  Seeking a course that has a role where it is less figurehead or routine inspections of workcrews; wanting to apply my knowledge as a working assistant - this includes proactive preventative routines.  I push to reduce unnecessary use of heavy machinery and also to help alleviate wear and tear or compaction from traffic in areas of high-susceptibility.  I have experience with pruning, inspecting course conditions and course setup and put forth the effort to clean up course conditions in anticipation of scheduled course events - NOT mark a few areas and 'get around to cleaning that/this up (later)' because I see a course as it was designed.   Big points to courses whose 'home holes' or those closest to the Turf Maintenance facility that are well maintained!  I have both a Motorcycle and Class B Commercial endorsement on my licenses, which would be indicative of  both safe-operated plus observant as well as maintaining good health (medical certificate); I do not smoke/drink - so i'm always seeking to do more work or complete more projects since I arrive to work with a clear head and motivation to complete several tasks throughout both the day, week-->quarter /season.  I have 3 high-quality traits, or 4 - I have vocational training - meaning I can help PREPARE an employee, more than just show the motions, for which ever task/machinery they would need to complete efficiently, I have work/course experience...so i'm aware of faults, areas of improvement and how to create a Streamlined-Work-Flow-Process that incorporates healthy attitude(s), focused desire to work both effectively as well as communicatively (being approachable), and university education - which helps as I evaluate course conditions and correlate soil-profiles with management practices (nutrient applications and rates in observance of Intended Responses vs Actual), the fourth is more - I've kept track of prior jobs and the interactions - i've spoken easily with over 15,000 people in my life - so i'm a conversationalist, highly intelligent and have little challenge in discussion since I believe the best example or impression a person(s) can set is with continual presentation of ideas. 


Southland ISD - 79364 - 3.26 GPA, MVP Golfer (01,02), Small Schools / UIL Academic Team - Sophomore-Senior), 800m Track, Shotput and Discus, 01 Senior 1st Team All-District Receiver

WTC-Snyder 79549 - Turf & Landscape Management - C.A.D., Skidsteer, Shop & Installation of Softball Field irrigation system (piping / welding, inspection, etc.) School Chapter GCSAA

Texas Tech University - Horticulture / Turfgrass Management - 2018 Turf Bowl Member, GSCAA Member


I do have more than enough hours to complete my degree, completing 2 courses required for B.S. - currently at 170+ completed (passing)



TEEX - 1st Line Supervisor 2015

TEEX - Field Training Officer 2015

Manager - 2 years (2009-2011)

Supervisor - (2014-2016)


Work History

I've provided links, I can (eventually acquire reference contact info - 3 new phones since 2016)


I have worked in other fields, i've limited resume to turf-related.

Date Available

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