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Assistant Superintendent or Lawn Care Manager job

Darrion McKinney

Hello, I'm Darrion McKinney, I've been in lawn care since 2015. Currently located in Brooklyn NY, looking for any position any city/state that my resume reflects. Hard worker and very coachable. I can work independently or in a team setting, everything that I have learned is self-taught.  I truly enjoy working with warm season/cool season grass and ornamentals. If you feel I would be a great fit to your team, please reach out. 

Specializing in the treatment and maintenance of turf grass and ornamentals, I hold eight (8) years of experience in a broad range of turf management & vegetation control/practices for both cool and warm season turf grasses. I have 4 years of management/supervisor experience and have trained 65+ lawncare technicians, effectuating 16 state licensures. I also have successfully contributed to 300K+ sales in up-sells of lawn/enhancement applications. I am currently licensed through the Texas Dept of Agriculture as a Commerical Pesticide Applicator (0769339) and hold a Sports Field Management Certificate issued by SFMA.

Date Available

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