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2nd Assistant Superintendent or Assistant-in-Training job

Gregory Embler

My Name Is Gregory Embler, I currently work 7 days a week. Wednesday-Saturday I work at a Target Fulfillment Center as a Micro Maintenance Technician. Sunday-Tuesday I work at The Legacy Club at Woodcrest in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on the golf course. When I was growing up, I worked at 4 different courses. I have always loved the game of golf and turf management. I have about 4-5 years of experience on the course. I eventually moved on from the work only because of the compensation, but I am looking to get back into turf management. At 29 years old I realize I want to do something I love for the rest of my life, and that is being on a golf course. Also, I am very interested in furthering my education in the industry. I am willing to learn whatever I have to in order to make myself a better person/employee. Looking forward to hearing from you! (As of 8/24/23 I am accepted into the 2-year Turf program at Rutgers University, classes start in October)   

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