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Superintendent/General Manager or Lawn Care Manager job

Darrion McKinney

Greetings! I'm Darrion McKinney, an accomplished professional with a stellar 9-year career in the lawn care industry, and I'm now poised to step into a managerial or superintendent role. My journey in this field has been marked by a relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for cultivating lush landscapes. Looking for anypositions in the Atlanta Ga metro area.

Throughout my tenure, I've consistently demonstrated a knack for driving success. I've played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional results, contributing significantly to annual upsells of over $300K in lawn and enhancement applications. My expertise extends beyond sales, encompassing the hands-on knowledge of herbicide operation, precise adherence to industry regulations, and equipment maintenance strategies that optimize productivity.

I'm driven by the belief that beautiful lawns and landscapes aren't just about aesthetics; they're about creating environments that inspire and rejuvenate. This passion for nurturing green spaces has been a constant thread in my professional journey, and I'm now excited to transition into a leadership role where I can oversee and elevate entire operations.

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