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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does TurfNet cost?

    Golf course superintendent membership is $195/year. That includes three login accounts, for supt, asst, and equipment tech.

    Other categories are $295 for salespeople, $495 for distributors, and $995 for manufacturers -- and that includes three login accounts (themselves, assistant, mechanic) for superintendent members. On a standalone basis, assistants, equipment techs and students can join as a limited member for $100.
  • Does membership run calendar-year or 12-months from signup?

    12 rolling months from the date you sign up.
  • Do you have student memberships?

    Yes, $100 which includes all 24 webinars.
  • But I'm a student and I can't afford $100.

    Compared to the cost of university education, a $100 bill to take 24 90-minute university specialist-led webinars and listen in on real-world problem-solving Forum dialog between some of the best superintendents in the business is a bargain.
  • How do I sign up?

    Fill out the form here. A credit card payment is required for the first year. Subsequent renewals will be billed via email.
  • Can I get an invoice to pay by check for the first year?

    Credit card is much easier for us (plus you get instant access), but we can generate an invoice if necessary. Contact us with all the information required on the signup form.
  • What if my assistant and mechanic would like access to the Forum and webinars?

    No problem. Every superintendent account includes three login accounts, for the superintendent/account manager, assistant and mechanic (or two assistants). No extra charge.
  • Are equipment technicians welcome in the Forum?

    Absolutely, with a red carpet! Why beat your head against the wall with a technical problem when somebody out there has been through it before? Besides that, many manufacturer members monitor the Forum and provide guidance on their specific products.
  • How do I get them set up?

    You can set them up yourself by clicking your name at the top right of the main page. Click My Accounts and then the Login Accounts option on the left side... or just go here.
  • Do members have to pay the $55 fee for job listings?

    No, job listings are free for members. Be sure to login first.
  • What's the deal with the webinars?

    We host (24) 60-minute webinars each year, most presented by university turf specialists. We generally schedule 2x/month in the winter and once per month in the summer. All are free to TurfNet members and their staffs, courtesy of Grigg Brothers and BASF.
  • I missed a webinar. Can I view it afterwards?

    Yes, if you are a TurfNet member. All are available on-demand in the archives section within a day or two of the live event. The only difference is that you won't be able to ask questions of the presenter.
  • How many used equipment listings can I post?

    Superintendent members can post ten at one time, distributors and manufacturers can post 25. When they sell, you can delete the old listings by going to Your Profile (click on your name, top right), then Manage Classifieds.
  • I've heard TurfNet "pays for itself". How do you figure that?

    Well, take used equipment for example. We've had TurfNet members divvy up their old irrigation system components and sell them through TN for anywhere from $8,0000 to $12,000... for surplus items that otherwise would have been thrown away. Find a good used piece you can use, or sell that dust-collector sitting in the corner of your barn. Even used engines, trannies and things like that have been bought and sold. Alternate sources for parts (sprayer boom actuators, solenoids, etc) are also shared between TN members for considerable savings.

    Then there are the indirect savings from working smarter... having your equipment tech run his current challenge up the flagpole and a suggestion gained saving him hours of trial and error on his part. On the golf course, fine-tuning pesticide apps and topics like that are shared between members — all of which can add up to considerable savings and mistakes NOT made.
  • Other questions

    contact us.

As a TurfNet member*, you will receive:

  • Three login accounts to the Members Only area for yourself, your assistant(s) and equipment tech — including our popular TurfNet.com discussion forums.
  • FREE TurfNet University webinars including archived events from years past.
  • FREE used equipment listings - up to ten at one time ($75 each for non-members).
  • FREE job listings ($55 for non-members).
  • Opportunity to attend the TurfNet Members Trip.
  • An invitation to our annual Beer & Pretzels Gala at GIS!
*Golf course superintendent members. Other categories may vary.