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  1. Peter McCormick

    Hector's Shop: Forging 101

    In this episode of Hector's Shop, presented by Foley, Hector gets a lesson in forging from 16-year old Owen Streeter of Smith Valley, Nevada. and creates a Hector's Shop knife from a railroad spike.
  2. In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Dr. Frank Rossi chats with professor Gerald Henry of the University of Georgia about precision turf management, spatial variability, mapping soils and soil moisture, fairway playability and sports field safety.
  3. In this episode of the Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi chats with golf course architect and hands-on shaper Kye Goalby. How he got started in the business, his travels (or not), working around the world, and of course his famous father/golfer, Bob. Presented by Golf Preservations, and new for 2019, The Andersons.
  4. In this episode of OnCourse, Kevin Ross chats with Dennis Kling, golf course superintendent for the City of Loveland courses in Colorado, about the 9-hole mini-course they built in-house in 2012 specifically to accommodate SNAG ("starting new at golf") golfers.
  5. In this video, Hector explains the four stages of proper fastening and how to use a torque wrench correctly.
  6. In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank Rossi chats with legendary turf pathologist Dr. Joe Vargas of Michigan State University about his 50 year career as a plant pathologist, teacher, and muckraker. Never one to shy away from controversy or "rocking the boat", Joe Vargas is perhaps the original "outside the box" thinker... and having recently received his 50-year service pin from Michigan State, is still at it today Always ready to drop the gloves with both colleagues and conventional thinking, Joe Vargas is one of a kind. Flamboyant, aggressive and grating to some, he is always entertaining. There is nobody with a better grasp of both the history and current state of turfgrass management. Presented by Civitas and DryJect.
  7. In this episode of Hector's Shop on Tour, Hector chats with Craig O'Farrell, gc supt, and Derek Hislup, equipment technician, about their recent cleanup and organizational task at the self-described "hoarder's dream" maintenance facility at Eastbay Golf Course in Provo, Utah.
  8. In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank Rossi chats with Mike Huck, principal of Irrigation & Turfgrass Services (Orange County, CA) during the recent California wildfires. What's with the wildfires? Why so many? For one, the Santa Ana winds that blow hot and steady for weeks on end. Secondly, increased density of trees sharing reduced levels of precipitation. Snowpack, drought, insect activity all enter into it. Using historical data, some of these fires could have been mapped in advance. And how does the federal government factor in? Listen in as Frank and Mike hash it out. Sponsored by Civitas and DryJect.
  9. Kevin visits with Matt Gourlay, CGCS, TurfNet Superintendent of the Year 2015, and chats about the "less is more" program that Matt has instituted at Colbert Hill Golf Course in Manhattan, Kansas. The "Less is More" philosophy pervades the entire operation at Colbert Hills, which Gouray realizes is one cog in a larger wheel and a business like all others. Presented by Tanto Irrigation.
  10. In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Dr. Mike Fidanza of the Penn State University Berks Campus joins Dr. Frank Rossi for a wide-ranging chat for a retrospective on 2018 -- lots of rain, humidity, disease -- and a look ahead to 2019 and research in the pipeline. Presented by Civitas and DryJect.
  11. In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi chats with Kelly Shumate, director of agronomy at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulfur Springs, WV. Only two weeks before the 2016 PGA Greenbrier Classic was scheduled to be played, the entire state of West Virginia was ravaged by 11" of rain in five hours, and resultant flash flooding. The golf courses at The Greenbrier were covered with mud and silt, and there was standing water everywhere. Greens were destroyed, and the sand in the bunkers washed away by the rushing waters. Beyond that, several maintenance team members lost their homes, and nearly all were affected. Listen to Anthony and Kelly chat about the recovery and restoration process. Recorded in September, 2018
  12. Recorded shortly after the PGA Championship at Bellerive, Frank chats with Lee Miller, PhD, associate professor of plant sciences at the University of Missouri about the wacky seasons of 2018, starting with three snow events and then 90 degree temps in May, in St. Louis. "We can grow any type of grass we want here in Missouri," quipped Miller. "We just can't grow any of them very well." Both warm- and cool-season grasses were subjected to weather extremes for which they were not acclimated. Heat, cold, rain, humidity, and drought were all encountered at one point or another. They talk roots, irrigation with wetting agents and fungicide efficacy, irrigation audits, moist blankets from humidity, black layer, the Polar Vortex and NTEP trials, increased disease susceptibility in warm season grasses grown farther north, and a whole bunch more. Listen in... a fascinating conversation. Presented by DryJect and Civitas.
  13. In this episode of On Course, Kevin shows us five cool ideas that he has stumbled across on his visits to golf courses around the country. Starting with stump grooving to hasten rotting to uses for dry erase tape, from water bottle fillers to rustic signposts and cart control "traffic lines". They're all good, so check 'em out!
  14. In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank visits with Dr. Paul Koch of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Listen in as Frank and Paul review the challenges and pitfalls of the 2018 season, including fungicide efficacy, predictive modeling and interval adjustment.
  15. Check out the 75th episode of Hector's Shop as Hector guides us through a 4-stroke fuel system, complete with black-light footage of fuel flow and operation. Learn about fuel system components fuel selection, testing, handling and management internal cleanliness mechanical soundness of a fuel system.