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  1. Meet Gina Rizzi, President of Radius Sports LLC and ARCUS Marketing. Kevin Hicks talked with Gina about her business model and the various industries served by her company. The discussion then shifted to BMPs, marketing strategies for our business, and where golf goes from here. We’re thrilled to have Gina weigh in on the environmental opportunities that are available to the golf and sports turf industry.
  2. In this episode of "Frank-Lee Speaking", Steve Rabideau of Winged Foot reflects on a career, restoring a couple of classic golf courses and hosting a one-of-kind US Open. The conversation is about construction management, persistence, and managing expectations of a demanding membership and a loyal and dedicated crew. “Nothing prepares you for this.” Frank also visits with Lee Butler of NC State University discussing issues facing golf course superintendents in the southeast US. Frank and Lee also review the 2020 season in the diagnostic lab that receives samples from around the country. How many were related to a pathogen? Listen to find out. Presented by Civitas, DryJect and Plant Food Company.
  3. One of the Icons of the turf Industry, Armen Suny, search and consulting executive at Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace, talks of his time at Merion Golf Club, the state of the industry and some helpful tips on how to land that big job.
  4. This episode of Rockbottum Radio features another typical day at The Rock, as Cletus realizes why he should wear PPE when spraying, Momma learns how to give legal performance appraisals, Jelsik Muldoon remote applies for a job and famous TurfNetter Charlie Fultz helps remote-write a segment on Emotional Golf Support Animals. When the crew discusses walk-striping the rough for TV at the TPC, Momma demands RW break his silence and postulate on the matter through Storytime. RW tells the story of his Dad and The Great Trickle Down... which could have been avoided. Presented by DryJect.
  5. In this Earthworks Podcast, Joel Simmons talks with Jason Sanders, production manager at Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, a medical marijuana facility in Austin, Texas. A fascinating conversation about how medical marijuana production helps so many children who suffer from seizures. Join us to talk about growing a different type of grass!
  6. Joel Simmons and Jack Higgins enjoy another visit with EarthWorks chemist Lawrence Mayhew. They talk about how many nutrients really are important to the plant growth and how amino acids can help the plant. A scientific conversation on how a soil really works.
  7. Frank Rossi connects with fellow Cornell University alum Gil Hanse to discuss his approach to golf course design and the importance of the three-legged stool to effective golf architecture. Gil discusses the balance of maintenance and playability and how short grass provides hope for the average golfer and a challenging dilemma for the low handicap. They even get to discuss the music playing in the headphones of the world’s most popular architect! He’s a Dead Head! New Theme music by Tucker Rossi. Big thanx for many years of using Grazing in the Grass written by Philemon Hou and performed by South African trumpeter Hugh Masakela. As the story goes, “When Masekela was recording an album in 1968, he needed one more song to fill it out. The record company suggested a tune called "Mr. Bull #5" that Masekela had heard on the radio while growing up in Africa. Philemon Hou, an actor and singer who was visiting the studio that day, came up with a new melody for the song which became the instrumental hit Grazing in the Grass.” It was No. 1 on the Billboard pop chart 53 years ago.
  8. In this EW Podcast, Joel Simmons chats with Tony Girardi, CGCS MG at Rockrimmon CC (Stamford, CT) for 26 years, about the changes he made to his agronomic approach to keep the course healthy. Listen on Spreaker or watch on YouTube.
  9. Put on your snorkel or scuba gear and get ready for a deep dive into wetting agents with Glen Obear from Exacto Inc. The lack of uniform regulation and labelling standards has created significant confusion in fully connecting the science to the practice of using wetting agents for soil water management. Frank and Glen discuss the latest thinking from leading turfgrass soil scientists to make sense of labelling and efficacy data. Hold your breath to learn about the interaction of soil type and wetting agent use, as well knowing when to hold the water and when to drain it!
  10. In this Earthworks Podcast, Joel Simmons chats with Matt Crowther of Cape Cod Country Club, winner of the 2021 GCSAA President's Award for Environmental Stewardship. Listen on Spreaker or watch on YouTube.
  11. In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, Momma and RW take calls from famous golf course superintendents like Steve Huffstutler, Matt Crowther, Mark Hoban and several others known only by their code names: Mongo, Fred, and the golf pro from Burnt Run CC. In the process we learn about how a trail cam caught the bearing-grease-on-the-doorknob shop trickster. Also, Momma warns the industry about the rash of course robberies and explains exactly how to stop it. Presented by DryJect.
  12. In this episode of the EW Podcast, Jack Higgins chats with Jerad Minnick, Lead Advisor of the Natural Grass Advisory Group, who is shifting the paradigm in the world of athletic field maintenance. As Minnick says, “Grass can take more!” Listen until the end to hear about his experience with the month long "MLS is Back" tournament back in July of 2020.
  13. Frank Rossi returns in 2021 with his old friend Dan Dinelli and former Professional Golfer Carl Schimenti chatting about managing course firmness to adjust playability and traffic tolerance. Frank and Dan explore managing for firmness and how shot angles into and onto the putting surface can be understood. Carl Schimenti and Frank discuss the analytics of course management for playability, traffic management and why some putting surfaces are perceived as bumpy. A 40-minute deep dive into firmness and playability! Presented by Civitas Turf, DryJect and Plant Food Company.
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