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  1. A tale of two Rosses (and Four Roses)! Kevin Ross chats with Ross Miller, certified golf course superintendent at the Country Club of Detroit in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. Presented by Winfield United Professional.
  2. In this EW Podcast, Kevin Hicks has a great conversation with Canadian superintendent Randy Booker of Otter Creek Golf Club. Randy has been on a path to regenerative golf maintenance. The regenerative concept goes beyond the current “sustainable" buzzword to a level that has allowed Randy to not only eliminate pesticides, but to also shift turf species on his golf course. Kevin and Randy discuss some topics not commonly heard in the turf industry: the inputs that create a fungal-dominant soil biology, the steps he took to get to where he is now, and how every superintendent can implement some of the things he’s done to improve the position of their course in the greater environment.
  3. In Part 2 of Water Testing with Dave Wilber we go into detail about how to manage a really clean or “stripping” water. Irrigation water is the biggest input in any growing environment and can cause a lot of problems. Dave makes this report a lot easier to understand and provides tips to manage around your water. If you missed Water Testing Part 1 you may want to start there!
  4. In this EW Podcast, Joel Simmons and Kevin Hicks chat with Dave Wilber about irrigation water — your “biggest input” and potentially your “biggest red flag”! Dave walks us through a sodium rich water sample and talks about how to manage the potential damage that this water can cause your soil and your plant material. This in-depth conversation evaluates every line item on the water test in detail. After listening, you will better understand the importance of this report. In addition to the technical talk, there are a lot of common sense tips. This conversation will help everyone using irrigation water, regardless of crop, understand the impact that water has on your plant material.
  5. Tap into the ancient knowledge of geopathic stress with Scott Anderson, superintendent at Huntingdon Valley Country Club outside Philadelphia. Scott talks about the William Flynn golf course where he has been the superintendent for 40 years and his philosophy on keeping the property dry to improve playing conditions... and how to grow the deepest roots in the fall and spring and keep them through the summer. Jack and Scott also discuss one of Scott's passions, using divining rods to discover geopathic stresses and water on a property. Scott surveys Jack’s property with his divining rods and uncovers and remediates a “hot spot” of geopathic stress. Listen to the end to hear what he fixes!
  6. Pete Wendt is one of the premier golf course superintendents in the country and is just finishing up a major renovation of the championship course at Congressional Country Club. Joel Simmons chats with Pete about the changes and the challenges of the new layout and his career as a superintendent that has spanned four decades, including building Kinloch Golf Club in Manakin-Sabot, VA. Throw in a little agronomy and a lot of fun!
  7. A two part podcast with Josh Saunders of Lancaster Country Club, hosted by Joel Simmons and Jack Higgins. Josh tells stories, talks tournament prep, and updates us on the construction of a new 14,000 sq. ft. putting green.
  8. In this kickoff episode of FAST 5, presented by Winfield United Professional, Kevin Ross chats rapid-fire with John Feeney, superintendent at Estes Park Golf Course in Estes Park, Colorado.
  9. In this EarthWorks Podcast, Joel Simmons chats with Pat Finlen, CGCS. Pat is well known in the turf industry as a superintendent (Olympic Club and currently GM at Winchester Country Club in Meadow Vista, CA, and host of the 2012 US Open. They cover Pat’s career and talk about the state of the industry. This conversation is filled with insight for any turf manager.
  10. Kevin Hicks chats with and Duane Sharpe, BC Sales Manager for Brett Young Canada, about his move from golf course superintendent to a position in sales, with an interesting stop or two along the way. Sharpee, as his friends know him, has become a trusted friend and partner in the industry. Join Kevin and Sharpee as they dive into how sales positions aren’t exactly what you may think.
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