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  1. Randy: Awesome! Two highlights for me: "Sometimes we get a raging TV presser outburst from that British fellow with the tight plaid yoga golf pants and the hairstyle once popular with Alabama cheerleaders in the 60s, but he's probably just copying live rasslin' promos." This is genius, I am still laughing. And, "Golfers are part of a tribe, a cult, and if that cult has bestowed upon you the responsibility of taking care of their sacred tribal lands, it’s a good idea to be part of the cult, too. No matter how polite they are, if they suspect you are merely a hired fixer, well, you’re not really one of . . . them." Perfectly stated and the best philosophy I have yet heard. You always make me think, laugh and want to do better. Thank you
  2. Larry was one of my favorites while on Tour. Amazingly consistent and stuck to "his" game.
  3. "Bud Man" sighting! I had an Uncle that had everything "Bud Man". My Dad was more of a "Red Ripple" guy, he was always wearing his "drinking and driving team" t-shirt. Could use a case of those toilet brushes if you can get them with bobleheads in the likeness of those USGA science guys that have turned the golf ball into a rocket. As always, well done and thought provoking!
  4. It was already said but, Brilliant! Now have a Guiness
  5. Hey Randy: Any chance the "Rockbottum C.C" logo 1/4 zips will be available for sale? Maybe a hat?
  6. And NOW I know what I want to be for Halloween
  7. I was a great actor when I was an AGCS. Always having to tell the GCS that he was great and all his ideas were awesome and stuff like that it's okay if he takes another weekend off cause I can handle working six weeks straight now problem. Listening to him complain about an encounter with a Member like I really cared etc etc etc
  8. Great read Randy. I remember the winter of 77' also. We had so much snow I didn't go to school for a week and we had to shovel the roof of the house off cause Dad was worried that it was to much weight. Now I gotta get a drink.
  9. I don't know why but when Ludel is zapped back to earth from the ship his.... "Whoooow" just makes me laugh out loud. I believe he enjoyed it up there?
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