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  1. Noy, We've been working on that very thing, but it's an elf that sounds like Cheech.
  2. Great column, Paul. Enjoyed reading that. Your writing has a calmative effect, at least on me. I stopped watching Bob, maybe the late 80s, because he made me feel guilty for dropping so many "happy little trees".
  3. Fred, The iron application was fairly effective, not sure Hundman survived.
  4. And so it was, that in the last days of August, as the members became even more snippity and finicky and fickle, Rockbottum CC came to the rescue like . . . Batman. (1965 Batman, not the current Dark Knight--he's too much like a board member.) Because our mission, as it has always been, is to lighten it up and keep you from shoving a golfer’s head through the new sheetrock in the restroom on #4.
  5. Rockbottum Radio is back from summer hiatus with a primer on how to get the big money as a big-time superintendent (and all the stress and pressure that goes with it). Be careful what you wish for! Randy waxes nostalgic about the days when golf course maintenance was relaxed, laid back and without the negative energy prevalent today. And in Storytime, Dad made the big time and what they learned during the short time they were there.
  6. Mark Hoban, aided by Dr. Derek Settle, organized another Rivermont Field Day to update the golf world on his Low Input, Future of Golf Research. Lots of important forward thinkers showed up, along with a couple of backward thinkers from Rockbottum Films. The rain, dark skies and humidity running at 113% prevented us from capturing the entire event, but we managed to grab a few scenes.
  7. John, that's why I always carried a 6-iron and a couple of range balls. At least I could return fire.
  8. Sometimes we do, Steve. We're only about a mile from that river.
  9. From ten years ago, a Rockbottum CC training film to help you and your crew--both of them--survive the rest of this summer.
  10. Brian, I don't know what that does, but it makes the pro shop happy. Also we have to pull a number out of thin air that's higher than 10.
  11. Steve Mason, There's quite a bit of supt surprise cameo potential stored away in the Rockbottum CC vault . . .
  12. Cooperation with the pro shop can be fairly simple. In this short film, we show you how to establish a pattern of cooperation and solve membership problems at the same time.
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