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    Golf, Hockey. Helped build new varsity baseball field at high school. Have worked on every baseball field on the island at one time or another. Enjoy reading books of all types.
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    Walking the beach searching for sea glass with my wife Cheryl

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  1. Love it Dave. Reminds me of my wife's Uncle. He was a butcher by trade. He drove his wife and her sister (my mother-in-law) crazy because he questioned all their cooking and recipes etc. He told the parable of the the woman who came into the butcher shop to order a large roast and have the ends cut off. He asked her why and she said that is how my mother always did it. The mother comes in with her the next time and the same story. Finally the grandmother comes in so he asks her what the deal is with lopping the ends off? She says "Oh I didn't have a pan big enough for the entire piece."
  2. Love this Dave. I know I wrote this before but it bears (beers?) repeating: It is clear by your writing that you are in a good place. This has been an odd year for me. Moved off an Island and into a house I have had for 10 yrs trying to make it a “home”. New job with a new perspective. Private ownership, daily fee. I like trying to dumb down the internal “expectations”. There is such a thing as good enough. We push ourselves and the levels. Sure there are a handful of clubs that demand it but the vast majority just want “good enough”. I have willed too many summers away. Trying to enjoy this one. After a bit of over regulation the Poa was pretty yellow. I told the 42yr assistant “I am not trying to kill it, just let it know who’s boss”. It has been a wet year but only one real heat stretch and we survived. It has been nice trying to relearn how to do the job while having a life. They go by so fast now. September is around the corner. Keep up the good work.
  3. Sign me up!!! how am I just seeing this? Must be the job change/house remodeling.... no excuse but all I have. Love the Irish crack. Perfect
  4. I think the lower amount of exposure the young people have to the game now has had a profound impact on the game. No more caddies, no more summer workers etc. I am always amazed at how many people over 55-75 say they either caddied or worked on a course. Every year that decline has an effect on the game and not a positive one.
  5. Best Ever. Haven't the words to express the depth and and precision this has. Truly a work of satirical art. Bravo.
  6. Great post Dave. You seem to be in a really good place. Wonderful to see.
  7. Dave, sponsors come and go. The best stuff any of us ever communicates is from the heart and the Wilbur on Wilbur stuff is genuine. Maybe a bit odd to some but pure gold every time. Thanks for being you.
  8. How far is Rockbottum from Bluffton SC? I will happily let you pay the greens fee but will need to rent clubs. Yeah I am not sure there is a variety of Bentgrass that would have done well in Hotlanta. Lord knows they tried and thanks to you we have the stories to tell us what a mistake that was. My guess is at the time the picture was taken penncross was still the gold standard and Providence was an up and comer. Ole Doc Skogley came out of the dust bowl era and became a turf breeder as a way to conserve soil. He had many grasses under his career all named after areas in Rhode Island. Providence I believe was his last. I received a post card from Seed Research advertising their booth at the show in Vegas 1997. It had the pic of Doc so I laminated it and stuck it to my wall. On the back they are hawking their new SR 1119 CB. From the web: SR 1119 was developed from the original Providence (SR 1019) germplasm collection that was started at URI in the 1960's.
  9. Love it. Preach brother Wilson preach. Tie this in with the Mindful Super message and pure harmony! I was late to the sport of golf and only grabbed clubs after my freshman year of college ended. I decided to give this turf thing a go. I was a landscape architect major but working on the turf farm listening to Dr C Richard Skogley tell me how wonderful it was "Not that there is anything wrong with LA, Did I tell you I have a son who is a landscape architect?" That was where I met the venerable Dr Rossi on a project called sweet vernal! Anyway the wife and I started that summer and have been hooked ever since. As they say the rest is history....
  10. DOO do.... That looked like a lot of fun to film. It is a weird juxtaposition to believe in the message to not spend so much time in front of a screen, enjoy the heck out of the video and then realize you are sitting in front of a screen.....
  11. I met Jon Kiger at the New England Regional Conference when he was pitching the second Ireland trip. I wanted to go in the worst way. The bride is more Irish than me and said "I am not going to Ireland for the first time with a bunch of Supers and you sure as hell are not going without me". She has been around us for a long time and was afraid all we would do is talk turf. Smart girl. With Kiger's help I set her up and said "honey if it's in this country next year can I go?" " Sure she said as long as it is in the US". I went to that first trip to Bandon Dunes and it was an epiphany. I finally was able to see first hand the way golf was meant to be played. Fast forward a year and on a lark I put the flier down on the counter. My wife says "you are going right?" I replied "you are kidding? I can go?" She said "I have never seen you happier." Three trips to Oregon later and we both went on the last Ireland trip. So much for her not going with a bunch of Supers. We both had so much fun as soon as this trip was announced she checked flights and bought them before we had even signed up!! At some point I found this counter app called dream days. One year I posted pictures on twitter and would call it the number of a famous NHL player who had that jersey number. It was fun. The picture attached is from our trip last time and we are 70 days out. Cannot wait. A chance to see old friends made on these trips, and play some of the same great courses as well as some new ones.
  12. Another instant classic. Not going to lie we have had "irrigation malfunctions" here in the past. I thought that was why they invented radio control 🤓
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