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  1. I currently work in the restaurant biz and have been working on the course for years. The struggle is real.
  2. Thaaaank you. Very well put. I also am on the ladder here with ya being in that last wave of workers (im 32) that actually like to work but cant live off of summer highschool job rates. I started at a country club where im from and fell in love with the behind the scenes game i knew nothing of. After 2 years and no promotion I left to go back to construction which always ruins my day but pays for a real type living. I started community college to grab my turf grass degree i so desperately need and after 1 semester. Womp womp. No focus on the golf course just trimming plants at the school while my 80 year old instructors... well lets just say i wasnt wasting debt. Im hopefully on my way to Florida after the winter to get fulltime course work and cram my passion about every blade of grass and every swing down anybodys throat that will listnen. God I love this game. Great vid
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