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  1. It's going to become adapt or die and sometimes adapting means going back to what we were doing right in yesteryear. At the end of the day most golfers just want to play a fun, maintained golf course, whether its maintained at 5/8, 9/16, or 1/2" is less important than the fact that its actually mowed out. And those handful who don't like it can drive an hour up the road and join the high dollar club, because by golly this is America and that's capitalism. I'm not anti-Top 100 or $2million+ budget, heck I'm envious of some the toys they get to use, but there are 14,000 other courses that sit in flyover states and golfers live there too.
  2. How about a sign in the yard that reads "fresh frog legs, pick em yourself" like the roadside strawberry patches do in the summer. Surely enough folks would come down out of the mountains to eliminate the entire toadian population, and you could make a few bucks to put toward filling the pond in.
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