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  1. Peter, Great read! Great life lesson. And a great reminder for us who have done it. The little things in life make a HUGE difference.
  2. Dave, Very well said. Your Mom raised a son she is very proud of. You are showing how much you are proud of your Mom. God will call when He is ready. Pray. Care. Love. John Colo
  3. Dave, Thanks for the good read. Sometimes we need to just "stop" and think twice before we hit the go button. Good reminder to all. John Colo
  4. Peter, Congratulations on 20 years and good luck to the next 20. Thank you, John
  5. Dr. Rossi, This would help the sustainability issues on the golf course environment - less "stuff". What would be the percentage of Poa on a green that you would not use PoaCure? 20%? 30%? Any research on seeding into the applications to keep the voids to a minimum? Thanks, John Colo
  6. Hey John r u going to the Masters? What time can you get into the grounds??

  7. John,

    Hope you had a great time at the show. Are you still interested in those Grass Baskets for the 5400D? Hope all is well!! -Greg Tudor

  8. Brad,

    Sorry we missed you with the banner stop. Gary Neyman form Lebanon Turf had the banner for a few days. The banner tour is over after a year long visit to golf courses and companies. We will present them back to TurfNet at Beer and Pretzels in Orlando, Feb 8th. You never know what we'll do next. I'm sure you have seen the pictures on the TurfNet Facebook page - chec...

  9. John,

    If the banner ever comes to western PA again, I'd like to have it here at my course for a photo. I saw you stopped in Slippery Rock at Oakview Golf Club, I'm only 10 mins down the road from Adam. Oh well, hopefully next time.

  10. Jerry,

    Waiting to here from the next stop on the mailing list. Do you have the mailing list and instructions with the banner? If so, Mark Fuller is the next stop - I'm waiting to hear from him - stand by.

    Also, can you send me your e-mail address?

    Thanks, Colo

  11. Have the banner in Puerto Rico where do you want it next? Havea Blessed Holidays!

  12. Jerry,

    Sorry I missed your Nov 16th note. I hope you have received the banner from Gary Neyman? Maybe you both will be together this weekend and get a few good photos with the banner.

    Keep me posted. Thanks - Where's TurfNet?


  13. any chance to get banner by Friday? Going to DR

  14. Jerry,

    I have the banner coming to Orlando this week. Do you want now or next time it comes through?

    e-mail me at jcolo@ccyork.org

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