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Fred Gehrisch

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  1. Fred Gehrisch

    Buddy's Shop

    I love Buddy's trucks. The Jeep looks a little under powered though.
  2. Fred Gehrisch

    Buddy Goes To e-Rehab

    That ranks right up there with one of your funniest! 🤣
  3. Fred Gehrisch

    TurfTrainer: Brushing system designed by a superintendent

    Looking forward to using these this year. Good job Rodney.
  4. Fred Gehrisch

    Force Multiplication Through Cross-Training

    Starting off in this industry working for Randy Nichols at Cherokee T & CC, I thought every course cross trained their staff. The entire staff at Cherokee was taught irrigation, drainage, construction, equipment operation, welding, etc. Then I started hearing these terms "spray tech" and "irrigation tech" and couldn't believe that at other courses, they had a dedicated person to these jobs. Always seemed inefficient to dedicate a "tech" to a job when you could teach several on the staff to do it and also allow some flexibility with staffing. This is a great video that everyone can learn from. Good job Randy!
  5. Fred Gehrisch

    Forest Therapy

    And to think, just a few years ago Dave didn't even know how to use one of them "screens".
  6. Fred Gehrisch

    A Message For Golf From A Last Wave Millennial

    Great film. Should be required viewing by all in the industry.
  7. Fred Gehrisch

    Decomplexification: A Skeletal Golf Theory Film

    I wonder how many guys today have ever used a qc irrigation system.
  8. Fred Gehrisch

    Going Muni? Best Gird Thy Loins

    I could listen to these stories all day, they just make me laugh. I do feel a little guilty though knowing you actually went through that crap.
  9. Fred Gehrisch

    Top 4 Tips For A Happy Future Golf Career

    Nothing worse than having one of those "counseling sessions" and the other person just keeps looking at you smiling!
  10. Great video, except for that last part about GA winning!
  11. Fred Gehrisch

    Randy's Shop: How To Fix A Starter

    No...The starter definitely deserves it!
  12. Fred Gehrisch

    Randy's Shop: How To Fix A Starter

    The boss of the starter is whoever is willing to slip the most $$$. Sure glad I don't deal with starters anymore.
  13. Fred Gehrisch

    Buddy's Method For World Class Success

    Thanks for that story. I was waiting for a funny ending and got a great life lesson.
  14. Fred Gehrisch

    Audiocast: Willie Pennington, industry icon

    One of my favorite people in the industry, a real class act.
  15. Fred Gehrisch

    Steve Mason, Sky Valley Georgia

    Great recognition for a well deserved Superintendent. The place always looks great.