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  1. Mr. Hoban, Thank you for you thoughtful answer. I cannot wait to see how this goes. What I spend a little time railing against when it comes to "organic" lawn or sportsturf care are the snake oil selling consultants that talk about changing the soil microbiology with addition of bugs from a jug while ignoring the importance of aeration and other healthy practices for soil. While I had hung onto Dr. Zuberer's research over the past few years as a basis of making some agronomic decisions, I had not that to approach it the way you are. I am very interested in what you learn.
  2. Trichoderma has intrigued since the 90's when research at Cornell was pointing to it. I am waiting for a granular formulation to be able to use it on the Mall. I am curious as to the comment of building up a population in the soil of Trichoderma, or anything for that matter. It is my understanding that it is the soil conditions are what really dictate what your microbial populations are. I would be interested to see a follow up story later in the year looking at results on the turf, but also looking at what has actually happened to the soil microbiology.
  3. I don't know, I think they cut away too soon...there was some potential there. I love the factory chicken metaphor.
  4. While this whole series so far resonates with me, the one point that no one knows who the superintendent is, is a good one. I often thought that a course could mimic the restaurant industry and their celebrity chefs. Superintendents (I can write this because I am no longer one) with the skill to provide excellent conditions (and there would be a lot of definitions of this like there are many types of cooking styles) at a particular price point (dive bar to michelin stars range) would be a known entity and what the business is built around. Where is the Golf Channel show where a seasoned cranky superintendent goes into a club that is a mess and turns it around? That is a reality show. But I am afraid our world is just a little too PC to allow it to be as entertaining as it could be.
  5. A blog post obviously written in sweatpants, typed one handed while the other hand holds a spoon full of ice cream.
  6. Why did it take this long for someone to use the parrot sketch as inspiration? Brilliant. Other suggestions include Spinal Tap ("This goes to 11"), Abbot and Costello ("Who's on first?"), a Colbert inspired club member character, and back to Monty Python with Life of Brian ("Always look on the Brightside of Life"). You set the bar higher yet again, you have your new challenge Randy, now make me laugh.
  7. This is unbelievable, thanks for laying it out there. I had never seen the duality of our lives laid out so clearly. We leave home and build our own life that requires us to be present...what happens when our old life needs us back? It cannot be easy to navigate. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. This is very good Paul. I remember being first introduced to the concept of introvert vs. extrovert when the GCSAA was in San Diego (I think) a few years ago by a speaker. This was a revelation to me. The important take away was that while society seem to value extroverts more (just look at TV), the world needs both introverts and extroverts.
  9. I was lucky to be someone who fell into a group of friends and mentors in this business who believed in the the idea of participating in monthly meetings was important. Even being involved as a volunteer in the association or at my alma mater, I still felt the pull to stay put on the course. A day at the course, no matter how bad, was less stressful than being away from it and wondering if things were okay. There is little room for error the way that we maintain golf courses now coupled with more frequently severe weather. The other aspect is that Turfnet made going to meetings less important to get information. Face to face interaction became less important as Turfnet allowed us to source more people for the needed information. But some of my best friends in this world are in this business and are due to association involvement or a chance pairing at a meeting. I do miss it.
  10. I have come to the conclusion that Twitter is great for a real time picture of what is going on on the golf course (I too love the pictures and enjoy still being connected to golf through them) and blogs are there for the more in depth defense of what may be questionable on the golf course.
  11. Very good post Paul. I think you are dead on in most respects. What I personally have trouble with is getting rid of the hedges (like should) because I do not want to be caught not being able to deliver on I have said. Swearing...I noticed this a few years ago, I was doing it all the time and yet the people around me were not. I have tried hard to not let the swear words pepper my conversational language since. Thanks for the thoughts, I will try to put them to use.
  12. Send me your email address, I will send you an article I wrote for my association's newsletter on fescue maintenance.

  13. Not a Yankees Fan, just a self deprecating Sox fan.

  14. You are in Boston, I hope you're not a Yankees fan? Shame on you if you are :)

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