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  1. You're right, for sure. Most of ours spend their time hawking balls. They wouldn't dream of picking up a piece of trash but they'll dive into the palmettos for a TopFlite.
  2. You just gotta watch where you walk. Everybody who visits here is afraid of the gators, but I’m afraid of the snakes.
  3. Welp, Randy....... there’s a whole lot there disguised pretty well as hillbilly humor. Well done. I don’t Twitter. Tweet, twit, twat. steve
  4. Those looked like farm geese. Was there a jailbreak?
  5. Well, Randy...…..I laughed more than once at this, thanks for that. I also think that I understand your point and I fear for future generations. Steve
  6. Laurie is my friend and she’s a class act. regards Steve
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