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  1. Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club is seeking an Assistant Superintendent to help lead our Golf Course Maintenance Team. A successful candidate must be self motivated, hardworking with a sense of urgency, have a positive attitude and strong leadership skills. The Assistant Superintendent will work closely with the Golf Course and Grounds Superintendent to manage all aspects of the golf course as well as facility grounds. The Assistant will be responsible for the daily supervision of the Agronomy team, including Spray Technicians, Irrigation Technicians, and all full time and part time Operators. Job Responsibilities Conduct staff meetings and effectively communicate and schedule daily objectives to all staff members Effectively communicate with golf staff in order to relay maintenance concerns that affect member play Training of staff members on all golf course equipment as well as golf course procedures Assist staff members when needed with routine tasks such as the mowing of playing surfaces, calibration and chemical application, and moisture management of playing surfaces Provide the Superintendent with pertinent information in regards to plant health, course conditioning and staff related issues Aid in logging of chemical and fertilizer applications, rainfall, pesticide and fertilizer inventory, and other data Help oversee contracted work on property

    Naples, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: 55,000 - 60,000/yr

  2. When I was still a superintendent, the club a couple years ago decided to have an all employee Christmas party. All of the waitstaff, kitchen, admin and proshop employees were invited. My assistant and I were also invited but the rest of our staff of over 20 was specifically excluded. we declined to attended. Racism is alive and well at the nations country clubs. steve
  3. Yeah, Wally World is a no go zone for us. Their business model is: 1) sell cheap Chinese shit that won’t hold up. Then sell it to the same person again, cause it’s cheap. 2) don’t pay a living wage so our workers are on food stamps. The American taxpayer gets to subsidize wAlmart. brilliant!
  4. You’re a smart man, Randy. It’s amazing how we’ve outsourced our economy to a communist country that beats us over the head economically with slave labor so that a few American billionaires can make more money. I try to never buy anything from China, it’s impossible to do.
  5. Yeah, you may be on to something, but my children only respond to text messages, they think that when I call them, I’m being rude.
  6. Also, just wondering, is that phone steam or coal fired?
  7. Hilarious, but.... was that a flip phone?
  8. Thank you for rescuing these dogs. I like dogs a whole lot more than people because people generally suck and all a dog wants to do is be friends and please. Steve
  9. You're right, for sure. Most of ours spend their time hawking balls. They wouldn't dream of picking up a piece of trash but they'll dive into the palmettos for a TopFlite.
  10. You just gotta watch where you walk. Everybody who visits here is afraid of the gators, but I’m afraid of the snakes.
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