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  1. Dave The pace of play today has become out of hand. Five hour and plus rounds are driving people away.The cause in my opinion is the height of the rough. Public and resort it should be no more than 1-1/2 in. or better yet one inch. Pin placements should be in level areas. Again my comments are on public play. Ninety percent of my career was on private and the course is set up the way members want it. As I remember Augusta National had no rough or at least none over an inch until they decided to Tigerize it. This week we played on Monday. 5 hr. ten min. Tuesday was three hours ten minutes due to predicted rain that did not come.
  2. Hey Dave nice statement. We must have joined the same year as mine is 012201. Bes tof luck to you.
  3. I can't count the number of times I warned people about the "Dangler" and got a look of mind your own business. Finally quit and just waved as they went by.
  4. For those of us that could not go thanks for the updates and pictures.
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