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Paul Van Buren

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  1. Paul Van Buren

    Hero’s Journey...

    Thanks for this Paul! 2018 was a miserable year for me professionally and I wound up in a pretty dark place. Took me more than a few weeks struggling with my plate as you refer to it... Once I got out of the woods and the season allowed it, I was able to make some critical changes as I navigated my own Mental Minefield. 2019 has been the polar opposite of 2018 and I know a lot of my outlook has to do with some of the changes I've made. Good luck to Robert, and thanks again for sharing!
  2. Paul Van Buren

    Equipment/Shop Manager

    Kanawha Club is looking to fill our Head Mechanics position. Note: Kanawha is an exclusively Private, 9-hole, Par 3 facility. This position is a Part-time flexible-hour position (16-20 hours/week). Interested candidates will be responsible for all equipment maintenance of our modest fleet. We have a Foley AccuMaster Reel Grinder and a Foley AccuPro Bedknife grinder. There is no previous grinding experience required but we would like a candidate that is familiar with small engines as well as 4-stroke and diesel engines.

    Manakin Sabot, Virginia. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $25-$30/hour

  3. Beautiful words Dave. Wish it could be posted in every "Men's Grill". It should be.
  4. Paul Van Buren

    My Final Day at The Hills

    Peter, Enjoy the trip up to Auckland. Just did the same Queenstown-Auckland zig/zag with my wife a few months ago. The trip of a lifetime! Enjoyed your Blog and good look back in the U.S.!
  5. My wife and I kayaked Milford Sound on Sunday, Feb. 1st. That was by far the most beautiful area I've ever seen! The weather in your photos was much nicer than the driving rains we had all day. But, as they say, the wetter the better in Milford. The abundance of waterfalls was insane! Not to mention the Chasm was roaring with the added precipitation! How would you like to drive the road to and from Milford everyday?