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  1. Jared Mullins

    2015 Tycrop MH-400

    2015 Toro MH-400 topdresser. Has a capability of 4 yd load with 4 wheel suspension axles and 4 wheel brakes with wireless control. Minimum towing 45 hp tractor. This unit comes with a hand-held remote, cross conveyor, spinners, and a hand jack to change out as needed by one person. Belt, spinners, cross-conveyor...all in great shape. Outer tires show wear as shown below. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  2. Jared Mullins

    2016 Dakota 414

    2016 Dakota 414 Turf Tender with little use! Get more done faster with this 2016 Dakota 414 Turf Tender. This top dresser has all features of the Dakota 410 with an even larger capacity. The 4-yard 414 Turf Tender requires compact or midsize tractors for towing. Requires 40 HP tractor and 7-11 GPM hydraulics. It is equipped with a brand new controller. Hardly used. Sand still in the spinners. Tires and belt in great shape. More specs here: https://dakotapeat.com/equipment/turf-tenders/414-turf-tender/ *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  3. Jared Mullins

    2012 Jacobsen R311-T

    4WD 2012 Jacobsen R311T w 2111 hours! According to our mechanic, "Lots of love went into this one with many new parts including a $300 engine cover." Decks have been cleaned up and epoxy-undercoated. All new blades, new flat-free castor wheels, new castor axles, new castor bushings. Bushings in the back. King pins have been replaced. Bottom thrust washers under those king-pins have been added New hood. Went to the dealer to get serviced for creeping. Now has new forward and reverse cable. New deck proximity switch. Excellent mower. Non tier IV Kubota turbo Diesel engine. Hood crack as shown below. Approx 2111 hours. SN: 069178- 2042 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  4. Jared Mullins

    2010 Planet Air HD50 TOW

    2010 Planet Air HD50 Tow with approx 169 hours! Runs well. Not much else to add really. Powered by a 23hp Vanguard gas engine. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  5. Jared Mullins

    2014 Toro 4500-D

    2014 Toro 4500-D with approx 2718 hours! This is a 2014 with EPA credits so it is does NOT have a Tier IV engine. No problems. We have installed NEW rear tires, several NEW front and rear rollers, NEW blades, all NEW factory filters and one or two mower support frames. The hood has a crack in the rear and it has been repaired. This unit cuts superb with effortless ease and is ready to make your course beautiful. It is powered by a 60 hp Kubota turbo diesel engine (V2403-T) that cuts approx 9 ft. This unit will stripe with ease. 4WD. More specs are available at https://media.toro.com/CatalogDocuments/Specifications/gm_4500_4700.pdf Need financing help? I can refer you to some folks. International shipping. This unit has been tested for 2 hours with absolutely no mowing issues. Very clean. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  6. 2010 Cushman Turf-Truckster with approx 2380 hours! 2WD. Gas. Shifter is a bit rugged. Automatic transmission (comes *serviced.) NEW engine filter, NEW oil, NEW hydraulic filter, and NEW air cleaner filter. Loose belt. Passenger side tires (front and back) show wear in comparison to the others. Rust near floorboard etc. Tires show some wear as depicted below. Runs and operates well. A bit rugged overall comparatively. Comes with a UTM brush-style topdresser and a long, metal bed in 'fair-good' shape at the listed price below. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  7. 2011 Cushman Turf-Truckster with approx 1798 hours! 2WD. Gas. Tailgate has dents. Runs and operates very well. Very clean. New alternator. *Serviced at the price listed below.* SN: 840670001674 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  8. 2014 Toro 4500-D with approx 1517 hours! 4WD. Yanmar Tier IV diesel engine. Some NEW tires and some NEW rollers installed as needed. New filters. New blades. *Serviced.* Radiator has been cleaned. All filters changed. Ready to mow! *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  9. Jared Mullins

    2014 Toro 7200-D

    2014 Toro 7200 Diesel, Zero-Turn with approx 919 hours! 2WD. 60" deck powered by a 24.8 hp Kubota Tier 4 Final Engine (D1105.) Will cut up to 6.5 acres/hr. Runs and cuts very well! Comes with NEW blades, NEW PTO switch, NEW battery, and a NEW starter. *Comes serviced at the listed price below.** Seat has a stain on it. SN: 30462-314000136 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  10. 2015 Club Car Carryall 500 with approx 1179 hours! Canopy and split windshield. 2WD gas-powered utility vehicle for the working man. Not suitable for street use. Manual dump. This is the least best-looking of the lot that we currently have. Slight tears and stains in the seats. The bed liner is rough and will be covered with a mat. In the interest of full disclosure I've listed pics below. Brakes aren't as tight as I'd like them to be (hence, the price reduction.) Runs very well. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  11. Jared Mullins

    2013 Jacobsen LF570

    2013 Jacobsen LF570 with approx 2532 hours! 2WD unit. Diesel. 9-bladed reels with approx 85% reel life. Runs and cuts well. Hood has cracks (shown below.) Grill has dents (shown below.) More info to follow... SN: 067981-02572. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  12. 2017 Salsco Roll-N-Go, electric hydraulic accuator with approx 557 hours! Very clean. Very nice condition. Selling "AS IS" at the price listed below. Runs and operates nicely with no leaks etc. to mention. According to my notes, I did find the serial number on this once: 1706200091055465 The Salsco website claims: "Drive to the green, raise the wheels, roll the green, lower the wheels and drive to the next green. Self-contained, no Trailer or Utility Vehicle needed. The Roll-N-Go, EHA is 30% more productive than any trailered roller. Rolling swath is 36" and the Roll-N-Go, EHA will roll an average green in only six minutes. The Roll-N-Go, EHA is not only for greens, it's great for fairways, approaches & tees as well."



  13. Jared Mullins

    2009 Jacobsen AR522

    2009 Jacobsen AR522 with approx 2457 hours! 4WD unit powered by a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine (V2003-T.) Hood has cracks (shown below.) The pins and bushings in mower arms have been replaced. NEW deck caster wheels and axles. NEW blades. Engine oils and filters changed. Being sold "as is" which is to say it still needs some work. Call for more info. SN: 6808201972 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  14. Jared Mullins

    2009 Jacobsen AR522

    4WD 2009 Jacobsen AR522 with approx 1736 hours! Selling "as is." Kubota Turbo diesel engine. Front left tire balding on the inside (shown.) Has some cylinder leaks. NEW starter. Engine oils, fuel filters have been replaced. Shows cosmetic issues like a dent in the grill. Only has one light. Engine is fine. Runs and cuts well. Needs some work. Call for more info. SN: 6808201963 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  15. 2014 Toro Groundsmaster 3500-D with approx 1970 hours! 3WDPowered by a Kubota D1105 diesel engine. Serviced with NEW factory filters. NEW tires. NEW blades. NEW front roller axles. Sharp and ready to cut! Sharpened. Has some cosmetic issues on the hood and the grill as shown below. SN: 314000445 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



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