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Brooks Riddle

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  1. Brooks Riddle

    2014 John Deere Z950M

    2014 John Deere Z950M (60" Side discharge deck) *Stock ID: 114199 *Hours: 597

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  2. Brooks Riddle

    2015 John Deere Aerocore 800

    Used 2015 Aerocore 800 Stock ID: 114196

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  3. Brooks Riddle

    2019 Kubota RTV-900X

    2019 Used Kubota RTV-900X Stock ID: 114475 *4WD *406 hrs *hydrostatic

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  4. Brooks Riddle

    2015 John Deere 8800A

    2015 John Deere 8800A Rough Mower *Stock ID: 114176 / 1TC880AVCFS020104 *Hours: 1256

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  5. Brooks Riddle

    2013/2014 TORO Flex 2100

    Used 2013/2014 TORO Flex 2100's **6 units available** **THESE UNITS DO NOT COME WITH BUCKETS. ALL UNITS ARE FITTED FOR TRANSPRO TRAILERS** Stock ID: 112005/ 1412 hrs/ 2013 year/ 11 Blade, Smooth Roller 112006/ 1406/ 2013 year/ 11 Blade, Smooth Roller

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  6. Brooks Riddle

    2003 Toro 5600

    Used 2006 TORO 5600 Sprayer *Stock ID: 114172 *Hours: 4117

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  7. Brooks Riddle

    2013 Jacobsen LF 1880

    Used 2013 Jacobsen LF 1880 Reel Mower *4WD *11 Bladed Reels *562 hours

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  8. Brooks Riddle

    2014 True-Surface Vacu-Groomer

    Used 2014 True-Surface Vacu-Grooomers (Set of 3) Stock ID: 113927 **PER SET SALE PRICE $4300 **If BOUGHT TOGETHER, TOTAL SALE PRICE IS $8000**

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  9. Brooks Riddle

    2018 Tomberlin E-Merge SS Coupe

    Low Price on a newer cart!!! 2018 Tomberlin E-Merge SS Golf Cart Stock ID: 108745

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  10. Brooks Riddle

    2012 John Deere 8800

    Reconditioned 2012 John Deere 8800 Rotary Mower. **GREAT CONDITION** Silver recondition level “Silver” Conditioned equipment is fully functional, safe, and ready to mow or use. While aesthetically, there may be a few blemishes, it is ready to preform its daily duties. Seats: No Rips or Tears more than a 1″ Fenders: No Cracks Hoods: No Dents, Cracks, or Major Scratches Tires: 50% or more Tread Beds: No Major Dents Power Lift (if installed): Fully Functional Tail Gate: No Dents or Major Scratches, All Latches Functional Steering Components: All in Fair Working Order Clutches: All in Good Working Order Filters: All Filters Replaced Fluids: All Fluids Replaced Electrical: All in Good Working Order Mowing Decks: All Shoots in Good Condition, Rollers & Spindle Bearings in Fair Condition Reels: Minimum 55% Life, Reel Covers & Bearings Good Bedknives: Fair Condition – Sharpened Rotary Blades: Fair Condition – Sharpened PTO Shaft: Checked & Good Condition Brakes: In Working Order Seals: No Leaks Frame: 75% Rust Free & No Structural Damage Lift Arms: Good Condition Hoses: No Leaks or Heavy Wear Wheel Motors: Good Condition, No Leaks Reel Motors: Good Condition, No Leaks Baskets & Hangers: Good Condition Engine: Good Working Condition Transmission: Good Working Condition Sprayer: All Nozzles, Booms, Tanks, Pumps & Components Operational Safety Switches: Fully Functional

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina


  11. Brooks Riddle

    2013 Progressive Pro-Flex 120

    Used 2013 Progressive Pro-Flex 120 Rough Mower - Reconditioned pull-behind rough mower - 10 foot cutting width - Adjustable cutting height: 1-3.25 inches - Stock ID: 102087 - Call with questions

    Fuquay Varina, North Carolina