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  1. Great words, Peter. As we have discussed in the past, the mind controls how you feel most of the time. This forced break would be a good time for folks to delve into this topic through Dr. Sarno's books.....Wholeheartedly agree with physical distancing but social proximity!
  2. Women are intuitive nurturers...so that is good for the industry and the environment!
  3. Again, not much scientific backup here but I believe that electro-magnetic (file:///C:/Users/anand/Downloads/349-629-1-SM (1).pdf) current flows thru all living organisms and exercise, breathing and physical yoga, meditation, tai-chi, acupuncture etc. are all ways to remove any blockages in this flow. The Indian word for this flow is "prana" and the Chinese word is "Qi" which roughly mean "life force". A good teacher can literally see where your blockages are just by observing your breathing and posture. Some of the blockages can be caused by past traumas and if left unattended can turn into debilitating disease.
  4. I swear by yoga...25 years of daily practice, no doctor visits....never taken a day off work for health reasons! Wife is a yoga and meditation teacher...which helps!
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