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  1. We’re liquidating a full pallet of Rainbird A700 Gear Driven Rotor w/36 Seal-A-Matic / Hydraulic part # A700SH32- We’re selling them for $6175 for 95 rotors, plus actual freight to your location. These are not electric rotors, they are Seal-A-Matic / Hydraulic The date code is 2017, and although nearly 2 years old the product is new.

    San Diego, California


  2. Large Lot Rainbird A751IC and A700IC Liquidation! Contact us if you use the Rainbird ICM- We're liquidating all our remaining inventory.

    San Diego, California


  3. (10) Rainbird A700B Block Rotors A700B36 $600.00 ($60 ea) plus shipping. 2017 stock, but still new and never installed. If interested feel free to contact us

    San Diego, California


  4. Today we’re liquidating a case of (8) Rainbird A700E Rotors 70 PSI w/ #36 nozzle $1200 plus shipping- This is new old stock with a date code from 2017. If interested you may call us, or contact us via Turfnet

    San Diego, California


  5. We have a few cases left, A751IC & A700IC. These are Rainbird 751 and 700 series with Rainbird’s ICM $150 ea. ($1200 per case + shipping)

    San Diego, California


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