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  1. Have 1 touchscreen from flowtronex pump station. Look at picture, make me an offer...………….

    Tucson, Arizona


  2. Paul Hallock


    Have 2 ABB PLC's. Were working when removed and came from flowtronex station with 2 60 HP motors. Look at the pictures, make me an offer...……...

    Tucson, Arizona


  3. Paul Hallock


    Have 2 used VFD's that were working when removed. From flowtronex pump station with 2 60 HP mains. See pictures, make offer...…...

    Saddlebrooke, Arizona


  4. Peter, Awesome!! I prefer pets more than most people also...………………Thank you for having a kind and caring heart for these poor mistreated friends.
  5. Dave, Good article. I particularly like the one last point; if you do not have a team that will walk through a wall for you, figure out how to get them to. Whether that is with subtractions and additions, if you do not have a focused and supportive team, goodnight...……………….
  6. Dave, Great interview with the man I like to call the "Big Dog"!! I was his Assistant at CCR (1995) and the values he instilled in me made me the Superintendent I am today. I only worked for 2 Superintendents in my career, one got me started in this industry, but Kevin Ross molded my career.
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