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  1. Job Description and Expectations The irrigation technician position is a high demand position in golf maintenance. Here are the Vinoy we have an aging irrigation system that requires frequent upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. The system is primarily hydraulic with some stations converted to electric. The technician will be expected to learn and fully understand both types of systems (hydraulic/electric). The central control is Toro Osmac which must be fully understood by the irrigator. The tech will need to know how to diagnose and resolve problems in a timely manner. Prioritization will be determined by leadership depending on the situation at hand. Regular maintenance will be required to ensure the system operates to its fullest ability. Spot watering is one of the main duties conducted by the irrigator. He/she will be assigned watering assignments each day depending on weather and course conditions. The irrigator must complete watering ahead of golf in the morning and will at times need to do a second or third round during play later in the day. The irrigation tech must comply with Marriott’s attendance policy. Weekend shifts are very important, any requests for PTO on the tech’s weekend to work must be filled by another ambassador capable of completing his/her duties (assistant super, 2nd assistant super). There will be days when the tech is asked to stay later than scheduled if the demand is present for extra watering or a repair needs to be made before leaving the property for the day. We ask anyone filling this position to be flexible for the purpose of irrigation emergencies. Below is a list of duties to be conducted by the irrigator. Each duty will have prioritization and frequency standards. Daily: Open and check pump station for any issues (alarms, ect.). Check with leadership for any watering assignments needing done ahead of golf and later in the day. Fix irrigation breaks or satellite issues if currently occurring. Check irrigation adjustments. Greens and green surrounds are highest priority in this task. Tees and fairways are second priority. Rough sprinklers are third priority. Sprinklers must bust turning and stopping in their correct positions. If any sprinklers are out of adjustment or not working properly, they are to be fixed immediately. Edge sprinklers and blow debris to reduce functionality issues. Check drains during rain events. Clean any clogged drains. Edge valves and drains throughout the property. Resort to property map if not sure where all drains and valves are. Clean irrigation cart. Organize and keep irrigation room tidy. At the end of every day, check pump station one last time. Close pump station doors. Weekly: Deep clean, blow out irrigation room. Inventory of parts. Provide a list of anything lacking to ensure it is in stock for future repairs. Check irrigation system at club house. Make any adjustments or repairs needed. Monthly: Clean all filters in satellite boxes. Clean filter at hydraulic pump. Clean out satellite boxes (spider webs, animal nests, ect.) Clean sensors in the wet well for the lake fill. Other Notables: There will be situations where the irrigator will be trained on other aspects of golf course maintenance such as mowing, weedeating, raking bunkers. In times of low staff levels or high golf demand the irrigator will be used to fill voids to prepare the golf course for play.

    St. Petersburg, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: 12.50+/hr DOE

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