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  1. I always enjoy your Halloween stories and was particularly thrilled to see my name included. Then I read the next line. I think you need one of those disclaimers like; this is a work of fiction, names, characters, places, and events are the product of the author’s imagination, any resemblance to actual persons, or actual events is purely coincidental.
  2. I hope my Mom doesn't secretly read TurfNet or I'm in big trouble. She didn't have 10 kids, and didn't wield a broom, but when it came to issues of "sewing disharmony within the family" or life in general, her position was clear, and clearly communicated.
  3. I had a similar experience with Fed court jury duty. They confiscated my small pocket knife going through security, and I understand how you felt about being rejected, except from the other perspective. I was not thrilled about spending several days sitting in court, but was ultimately glad to have gone through the process. The trial only lasted a day and a half, and we came to a verdict in a couple hours, (not guilty) so I figured it was worth two days. I've cautiously looked forward to being called again, but surprisingly haven't received another notice, and it's been over 20 years!
  4. No need for me to do a series on Chainsaw Safety You've covered it all here. Like you said, absolutely FOOLproof advice. For those not willing to follow your rules, I do have a Chainsaw Safety video in my series. (Please excuse the plug)
  5. My hard hat won't do any good that's for sure. He looks like Nolan Ryan throwing a golf ball and Roger Federer swinging that frying pan.
  6. Peter, Congratulations on both counts. I'm glad your healthy, vibrant, and happy at 60 but I agree, 20 years of Turfnet is Monumental. The impact you've had on our industry, and more importantly on so many of us personally, is also Monumental. I haven't even thought about my new business being around in 20 years--well, not until just now-- but I'm following your advice to the best of my abilities and maybe I'll make it too. I do worry about you and your chainsaw though. Haven't you gone through my Chainsaw Safety presentation yet? First rule: Never work alone! I wish you continued health, success, and peace. If Karma is real, it's all a lock for you.
  7. Okay Wilson, I see how it goes. I guess this is my introduction to the dog eat dog world of "business". After almost 30 years of openly sharing ideas and strategies with my fellow superintendents, lending a helping hand in the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, volunteering to help with any question or problem, I am ill prepared for this kind of cutthroat competition and backstabbing corporate marketing. But I am a quick study. I came to you like Luke to Yoda, Po to Grand Master Oogway, Ludell to Mama; seeking knowledge, advice, and training in the ways of the video. I trusted you. I used the knowledge I gained for good, and this is how you respond. Well touche sir, game on, hide the women and children, You may have the talent but I am armed with the shield of knowledge and I will not give up the fight. The world will see a new safety video from McCord Golf Services and Safety soon!
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