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  1. Summitpointe Golf Club is seeking individuals with landscaping experience as greenskeepers for the Golf Course Maintenance Department. Join a hard working, enthusiastic team where you will work in an outdoor environment at one of the most beautiful golf courses in the South Bay Area. We offer great benefits in this full-time position. Schedule is Monday thru Friday 5:00 am - 1:30 pm with occasional alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Golf maintenance job duties include: mowing, trimming, top dressing, treating turf, maintenance of bunkers, hole changing, hedge trimming and general maintenance. Nestled above the Milpitas Foothills, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Summitpointe Golf Club is a premiere golf destination for an enjoyable round of golf with sweeping views of the South Bay Area and beyond. Essential Functions: 1. Maintains golf course by mowing, trimming, top dressing, treating turf, maintenance of bunkers, hole changing, hedge trimming and general maintenance. 2. Operates golf course equipment. 3. Participates in daily set up of the golf course for play. 4. Mows greens, tees, aprons and approaches to greens, roughs, and other areas of the golf course. 5. Aerifies greens, verticuts tees and greens, and spikes greens as assigned. 6. Prepare and plant sod and seed to greens, tees, and fairways as assigned. 7. Keeps golf course maintenance equipment fueled, oiled and inspected.

    Milpitas, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Depends on Experience

  2. Position Overview: Performs chemical applications on the golf course properties and fertilizes tees, greens and fairways; applies chemicals on greens at Summitpointe Golf Club. The Chemical Technician / Pesticide Applicator is responsible for reading, understanding and keeping current with material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). This position is also responsible for compiling preliminary reports of pesticide usage for the Golf Course Superintendent. Responsibilities: Performs routine safety inspections on all spraying equipment Maintains chemical storage and mixing areas in compliance with county, state and federal regulations and is responsible for the safety and direction of chemical handlers and or helpers. Know how to operate sprayers and spreaders. Be able to read and interpret labels. Keep MSDS books current. Manage inventory and usage of applications, pesticides, and fertilizers. Develops/works with Assistants for pesticide programs. Perform other duties as assigned.

    Milpitas, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Commensurate to experience

  3. Position Overview: Under the direction of the Golf Course Superintendent, the Assistant Mechanic at Summitpointe Golf Club works in the repair and maintenance of various gasoline and diesel-powered golf maintenance equipment. The Assistant Mechanic also assists in maintaining a clean service area and maintenance building, contributes to a preventative maintenance program, and warrants safety procedures as a top priority. Responsibilities: Communicates any needs or problems relating to maintenance or repair of equipment with the Superintendent. Inspects diagnoses, adjusts and repairs mechanical defects/failures in various pieces of golf course maintenance equipment on a regular basis. Works with Superintendent to prioritize equipment repair and maintenance work Sets up and modifies new equipment as needed. Repairs and adjusts engines and cutting mechanisms on various heavy and light mowing equipment. Keeps maintenance equipment fueled, oiled and inspected; and performs related tasks as required. Keep up with preventative maintenance schedule, i.e. oil, grease, air, gas, etc. Inspect equipment on course. Perform other duties as assigned

    Milpitas, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Commensurate to experience

  4. Position Overview: Perform the operation, installation, maintenance and repair of manual, semi-automatic and automatic irrigation systems. Install, maintain and repair drainage system at Summitpointe Golf Club. Water tees, fairways, and greens. This includes the computer system, electrical system, valves, lines and sprinkler heads. It also includes general maintenance and daily upkeep of the golf course. Responsibilities: Assist superintendent with preventative maintenance of designated system. Repair irrigation system defects. Assist superintendent in maintaining parts inventory. Make all irrigation orders with approval. Perform preventative maintenance and curative maintenance on pump stations. Operate main pumps and pump controllers. Maintain daily record of activities and expenses. Check irrigation system daily for leaks, lakes and dry areas. Inventory irrigation parts and supplies. Operate and maintain light utility vehicles and powered equipment. Train maintenance employees in irrigation processes. Assist in reading water meters and documenting water use. Record changes in irrigation system component routings or locations on the working copy of the system as-built drawings. Performs other duties as required

    Milpitas, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Commensurate to experience

  5. Position Overview The Assistant Superintendent at Summitpointe Golf Club will report directly to the Golf Course Superintendent. This position provides a unique opportunity to build a strong culture within our golf maintenance team. The successful candidate will be a positive leader, motivator, and will act as a mentor to our team. The position will provide an opportunity to learn how to effectively manage a growing team with high standards of maintenance and innovation of new projects. Responsibilities: Assists the Superintendent in overall maintenance and care of the golf course, including turf/grass management, irrigation, and chemical applications (eg. Fertilizer, pesticides) to ensure high quality playing conditions Supervises personnel and participates in the maintenance of the golf course tees, greens, bunkers, fairways, and cart paths. Ensures adherence to golf course superintendent budget and capital plans. Supervises the maintenance and repair of motorized and other mechanical equipment May serve in Superintendent capacity during absence. A working team member that may validate or coordinate the work of others on a support team. Suggests improvements to process, is a knowledge resource for other team members.

    Milpitas, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Commensurate to experience

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