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  1. If there's one guy that's would want to take Peter's place, that would be me.... That's how much I care...
  2. Must be a trim mower that started with the letter "N"....I love XC golf...Ocasionly, we still do it when the course isn't too busy. Merry Christmas
  3. Another great podcast...Renditions sounds like a similar site as Chamber's, but in the mid-Atlantic states. I had much more fescue a few years ago on some holes which looked awesome to me. But golf cart tracks killed it for me... I thought Chambers nailed it for the most part. So many golfers complained to me about last years U.S Open and even at Pinehurst. I just don't get it. Play it as it lies and stop complaining. If they were true golfers, all ball marks would be fixed and the sand traps would be raked when exiting the bunker. What happened to this type?
  4. Where, when did Bobby Jones complain about slow play? I would love to reference that. Great podcast.
  5. Sounds so similar to my first golf course job. I use to find balls in the woods and sell them back to golfers in egg crates. Top Flites were one of the best selling balls. The golf pro chased me off a few times. Then one day he said, "i am tired of chasing you SOB. Come work for me." Well, I did and had a whole mess of fun. I got to fix a 1969 Jac. triplex and mow greens. For the rough, we had a toro pull behind gang setup behind a Ford selecto speed tractor. All tees, fws, collars, and rough cut the same height. This golf pro had some luck... If we needed rain? He made me fert. greens usually with Milorganite. It rained just about every time.
  6. What you will be looking for is feed grade urea. If you have a 500 gallon tank or so...that is good. I generally have some water in the tank prior to adding 20 bags of urea. Then I blast the urea trying to dissolve as much as I can. So 20 x 50lb bags of 46-0-0 is 460lbs of N. This abmount shot out over a week would be close to .1 lbN/M. Email me if need any more info. tmynaugh@verizon.net

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