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  1. Summary The Assistant in Training reports directly to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Under their supervision, the Assistant in Training participates in the maintenance of the golf course tees, greens, fairways, landscape areas and cart paths. In 2016, Santa Ana Country Club renovated the golf course to offer a unique golf experience in Orange County. The Assistant in Training will have the opportunity to learn about golf course construction, irrigation audits, and scheduling amidst a $5 Million dollar landscape, irrigation, cart path, bunker, and fairway expansion project in 2021. The Assistant in Training will also gain experience in daily golf course set up procedures, moisture management, as well as pesticide and fertilizer applications. The successful candidate will help foster a positive work culture through great communication and hands on leadership style. They will have the chance to learn about managing Pure Distinction bentgrass greens, kikuyugrass fairways, and naturalized areas in a coastal environment. Responsibilities Assists in planning for the maintenance of golf course tees, fairways and greens; performs maintenance practices for golf course turf; planting, cultivating, pruning and caring for landscape. Learn daily golf course set up and presentation standards. Monitors irrigation functionality, participates in hand watering, and daily system audits. Works alongside management to schedule and supervise maintenance work to achieve the most efficient utilization of workers and equipment. Participates in operations of golf course grounds crew to ensure proper procedures are completed and drives a high pace in operational workflow while keeping safety as a top priority. Develop a thorough understanding of calibration and proper use of various fertilizers, herbicides, pest control methods. Participates in equipment operation and care of mowing equipment; operates and calibrates pesticide application equipment. Helps prepare clear and concise reports, uphold records, assist in safety meetings and expand network with industry professionals and members. Participates in the operation and maintenance of pumps, wells, irrigation system, reverse osmosis water treatment facility, and drainage network. Acquire state certification or licensing as a pesticide applicator. Employee may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the company as directed by the supervisor.

    Santa Ana, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $18-20/hour plus overtime

  2. Summary The spray technician, under the supervision of the Director of Agronomy, Superintendent, or Assistant Superintendent performs chemical applications on tees, greens, fairways and other areas. Responsibilities Applies pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and other chemicals at appropriate times to maintain excellent conditions on the golf course. Documents and files all chemical applications under the supervision of the assistant superintendent. Help assistant superintendents maintain inventory of products. Maintains chemical storage and mixing areas in a clean and orderly manner. Perform routine calibration of spray equipment. Maintain current Safety Data Sheets (SDS) under the supervision of the assistant superintendents. Reports golf course conditions to Director of Agronomy, Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Performs course set up prior to play. Maintains a clean environment through weed, trash, debris removal and cleanup. Incorporate safe work practices in job performance and wears proper PPE in compliance with company policies. Maintains flexibility to learn and take on new and different tasks as directed by the supervisor. Performs pre and post operational inspections of equipment. Various tasks require physical management of tools and equipment during periods of extreme weather conditions. Employee may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the company as directed by the supervisor.

    Santa Ana, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $17-19/hour plus overtime

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