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  1. Yo,

    Sorry man I can't help you there. I have no idea where that would be. I am pretty organized but that was 6 years ago. What I can say, strictly my opinion, don't sweat it. Just write something. You just need to have something, a hoop to jump through so to speak. I would be happy to take a look at what you have if you want. But I am confident what you have is great.

  2. That's the one. I am suppose to keep it under wraps for a couple of days but I had to share it with you. I head out tomorrow morning!

  3. Thanks for the info Adam. Have you guys been getting dumped on or what? I got some big news today. You are "looking" at the new superintendent of Trappers Turn Golf Club. True that!!!!!!!! I hope you and yours are good. Still waiting for that invite to play in the hockey tournament! Maybe next year, or the next year, or the next year? Are you ...

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