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  1. Thanks Paul! For a wonderfully positive article!! If we all practice the things that you highlighted now and after this passes, we will all be better off!! SN
  2. Fred's comments are spot on! No matter what challenges in life that have been thrown at Willie, he has been and confident that he will remain one of the most positive people I know (in or out of our industry)!! After every conversation with Willie that I have had over the last 20 years, I always leave feeling better. He has the unique talent of putting a positive spin on everything!!
  3. Thanks for sharing all the pictures and comments. It has been fun to follow your travels...SN
  4. Keep the blog posts coming! As Jerry stated it is fun to follow the trip from afar! Thought the rain was going to miss y'all, but at least it cleared for the afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your time in Bandon, as it is really a special place!!
  5. Peter, I understand your mindset about employment contracts, however and unfortunately contracts are only as good as the people that stand behind them. Especially in a state that is an "employment at will" state. Additionally, more and more states are going this direction. I thought I had a pretty "iron clad" contract and still had to go to court to get any of the severance that my contract said I was due!! I guess and this has been brought up so many times before, we ALL need to have a plan B and perhaps plan C. Just my two cents...SN
  6. Andy things are great!! And it always a pleasure to see you as well. Glad you also made it to the MRTF, as in the last few years, with the exception of those that still live in IN, many have stopped attending!! Although they do not publicize it well. Hope you had a chance to catch up with Clark & Zac. I always enjoyed both of those guys. talk to you soon

  7. how are you?

    It was good to catch up at the show!

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