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  1. Them are some good voices right there...I tell ya....
  2. RW...I need to bring the mountain bike down and hit the trail with you and the gang.
  3. Keep up the nice work Paul, really enjoy reading the blog and love checking out the photos. Give us a little insight to their bunker maintenance/prep, what they do and don’t if you get a chance. Thanks and have fun!
  4. That can’t be Rockbottom.....looks way toooooo good! Great shots and film👍
  5. Dude....now I know what happened to you....too many crashes with no brain bucket on!
  6. Well done Dave and you are right about Ed Mate.....he is amazingly passionate!
  7. Absolutely superb! You and Momma.....great team!
  8. Randy - When you're in that part of the country (SW CO)....who gives a shit about golf courses!
  9. Love it! The sweatshirt makes the video!
  10. Kevin gives us the heads-up on a durable "alternative" medium to print construction plans: Tyvek! Presented by Tanto Irrigation.
  11. Kevin gives some tips as to shooting the best before- and after photos to properly document a project. Presented by Tanto Irrigation.
  12. Kevin shows us a simple trick to storing, organizing and using T&O containers so the oldest always goes down first. Presented by Milorganite.
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