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  1. Thomas DeKoning

    Turf Equipment Technician

    The equipment technician reports to the golf course superintendent and/or the assistant golf course superintendent and oversees a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. This program includes the repair of failing equipment, keeping records of parts and labor needed to maintain each piece of equipment, and placing orders for parts and supplies needed for equipment or service. The equipment technician properly communicates any needs or problems relating to the maintenance or repair of equipment to the superintendent and/or the assistant superintendent. The equipment technician places safety as a top priority and is responsible for maintaining a clean service area and maintenance building. Functions · Inspects, diagnoses and repairs mechanical defects/failures in various golf course maintenance equipment, including, diesel-, electric- and gasoline-powered automobiles, trucks, trenchers, sweepers, rollers, mowers, and other mechanical equipment used in utility work. · Instructs and/or trains golf course maintenance workers regarding preventive maintenance, and the proper cleaning of and safe operation of equipment. · Prioritizes equipment repair and maintenance work. · Maintains a preventive maintenance program within budget on all equipment, and purchases repair parts and replacement supplies. · Keeps a complete set of records for equipment and parts inventory purchases, equipment conditions, costs of repairs and preventive maintenance for all equipment. · Spot checks equipment for performance on the course, makes emergency repairs to equipment on the course, and services or supervises servicing of equipment prior to use. · Oversees the shop area maintenance. · Regulates employees' use of equipment in absence of superintendent and assistant superintendent, if needed, and performs other duties as directed by the superintendent. Employment standards · Working knowledge of light and heavy maintenance equipment and automotive apparatuses. · Skill in the use of a variety of equipment repair tools, and the making of various types of mechanical repair. · Working knowledge of the theory, care, and operation of internal combustion engines and mowing equipment. · Working knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions of the profession. · Ability to move heavy objects. · Ability to work in a variety of weather conditions while repairing equipment. · Ability to diagnose mechanical troubles and determine appropriate maintenance work. · Ability to communicate effectively and keep business records. · Knowledge of and/or ability to play the game of golf and understand how job performance affects the playing conditions of the golf course.

    Clymer, New York. Date Job is Available: . Salary: DOE