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  1. Edina Country Club is accepting resumes for the position of summer intern(s). We are a private 18-hole golf course with bentgrass greens, tees, fairways, and 82 bunkers. Originally a 1923 Tom Bendelow design that was renovated in the summer of 2010 by architects Tom Lehman and Chris Brands of Lehman Design Group. This year we have the honor of hosting the 2020 MN State Amateur Tournament. Candidates must be currently enrolled in a 2 or 4-year turfgrass related program. Candidates are expected to possess a willingness to learn, be able to fit into a team-oriented atmosphere and have a desire to grow personally and professionally. If offered an interview you should come prepared with expectations and goals for the internship and we will work together to help you develop a roadmap to reach those goals during the internship. As an intern at Edina Country Club you will have the privilege of learning and working closely with the Turf Management team. Candidates who are willing to put the time and effort in will have the opportunity to learn everything about the operation. This includes budgeting, project planning, tournament preparation and working within a private club environment that has a strong committee and board structure. Expectations and Job Duties: - Calibration and application of pesticides/fertilizers including record keeping. - Irrigation operation, maintenance, and repair. - Leading small crews. - Assistant for a day & Superintendent shadowing - Topdressing of greens, tees, approaches, fairways. - Mowing and all other aspects of daily maintenance. - Golf Course set-up - Hand watering/ water management - Horticulture maintenance and projects throughout the course and grounds. - Daily scheduling and project management - Equipment maintenance and repair. (Week with Equipment Manager)

    Edina, Minnesota. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $14 to $16 an hour. OT after 40 hours

  2. Edina Country Club is accepting cover letters, resumes, and references for the position of Assistant-in-Training. Edina Country Club is a private country club located in the heart of the country club district in Edina. The course was renovated by the Tom Lehman Design Group in 2010 and re-opened in July of 2011. Construction scope included: USGA greens/T-1 bentgrass, bunkers, irrigation system, re-grassing of fairways and tees to Dominant X-treme 7. Other recent club projects have included a new short game practice area, conversion of thus far 6 acres to fine fescue/native areas, grassing line modifications, practice tee renovations. A master plan has been approved by the Board of Directors and will be commencing over the next five years to enhance drainage, expand and improve upon tee complexes, expansion of fairways, and completing our fescue rough conversion. Additionally, the club has the privilege of hosting the MN State Amateur this year. What are some of the items that we are looking for in a candidate to join this team: · First and foremost we need someone with a positive attitude and willingness to be part of and enhance a strong team dynamic and atmosphere. Many things can change on a daily basis and more often than not those things can be out of your control but your attitude and how you approach each day is completely up to you. · Having a strong willingness and eagerness to learn and develop your skillset as a professional is paramount to succeeding. The Superintendent is eager to mentor but not eager to babysit and do the job of forcing the individual to develop. You must take control of your future, no one will do it for you. · Asking questions and offering thoughtful solutions is expected. We want complete buy-in and active participation and thinking from our entire staff and it starts with the full time staff to foster that environment. What are some of the items that we can offer to you in terms of growth and a possible employer / mentor: · We will expose you to fine bentgrass management at an upper level private country club with high expectations from a membership that understands that their golf course is their number one physical asset of the club. · We will expose you to anything that you as an employee want to learn about. You must however show an active participation level and eagerness to learn. Budgets, committee structure, tournament preparation, project bidding / management, and purchasing are just a few items to name but if you are willing to put the time in to learn and understand we will take the time to teach you anything that we can or learn together. · We are a facility that is using technology to our benefit in how we manage grass including: o GPS sprayers and variable rate applications o Digital job board use to increase staff effiicieny. o Daily drone flights to collect high resolution, NDVI, and Thermal Imagery to help drive irrigation decisions via Toro Lynx and collect data for fertilizer and pesticide GPS applications. · We will expose you to a work environment that does take the job of managing a private country club facility seriously but we do not take it so seriously that we sacrifice our personal lives to achieve those results. Everyone should have lives outside of their work environment and we encourage that. On the same hand you need to take control of managing your time at work and managing your time away from work. · Ultimately the end goal is to prepare you to take on an Assistant Superintendent position at another facility or move directly into one at Edina CC when a position becomes open.

    Edina, Minnesota. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $16 to $18 an hour; OT after 40 hours

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