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Joe Wachter CGCS

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  • Birthday 12/07/1957

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    3401 Lucas & Hunt Rd. St. Louis, MO 63121
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    Enjoying a nice bottle of wine with my wife at any time, any place. Spending time with my mom at Cardinal baseball games. She's a true fan and loves her redbirds. Pulling a new fish recipe off the internet and sharing it with family and friends.

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  1. Thank you Dave for continuing the fight. We need Dave Wilbur in this world.You have so much to offer those whom you come in contact. The turds are turds that we hopefully can just flush away. Easier said than done at times. You and others are doing a great service laying your life’s book open for all to see. You will/have helped save lives and families through your selfless discussion about your struggles and how you are working to come out the other side! Bless you brother
  2. Thanks for sharing Dave and reaching out to us. Gives greater perspective of who we truly are and what makes us tick. Very difficult circumstances, you've made your Mom proud!
  3. Thanks for sharing Maestro. The human brain makes things so complicated. Simple is better.
  4. Great story Dave and a vacation you will never forget. I was wondering whose turf you were examining in Mexico with some of your recent tweets. Now we know!!
  5. Happy Monday! Do Greens look much better today?

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