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John Paquette

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    Indian Hills CC - Northport (Long Island), NY
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    South Hadley, MASS & Smithtown, NY
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    Red Sox, Celtics, GO PATS!!! & watching my son play hoop.

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  1. TRUTH - maybe its a big guy thing peter, I can relate. 6'6" jammed into a 5'6" seat will make for plenty of pain and anger. Guinness please.
  2. what was done to fill/repair the area's where the plugs were removed? divot mix/seed?
  3. Well said Frank. Richie was a great guy, loved his gig. Will be missed on LI.
  4. Mark,

    I am taking my father on the Ireland trip in October, wondering if you got your airlines squared away? NY to Boston to Shannon looks like my only choice...you doing the same?


  5. Jon,

    Any spots available for Ireland? today is april 25th,want to go with my father. will send deposit tomorrow if spots are available. thanks JohnnyP

  6. Paul,

    sweet! glad to hear that. Happy Holidays to you and yours too, all the best in 2011.


  7. Mark,

    Liked your video on the sign machine. Curious on what model you have and approx cost, if you get a chance could you shine some light on me please? Thanks, John

    Indian Hills CC, northport,NY

  8. Hi Matt,

    Having a tough time deciphering yesterdays info from my mechanic, but i think you called with some info. Read your post, I will call Weston GC to chat about the artificial installation. Greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, have a great Thanksgiving. John

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