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  1. I like it Dave. Is there room for a point on the state of the industriy as it relates to careers? two points actually the first being the lack of college educated kids entering the industry for any reason we can think of. The second is the changing dynamic of the seasonal worker. There once was a large group of seasonal workers that wanted to work for 8 months here and then go back to their homes to cultivate a life that they would retire to. The current worker seems to want more from their life and to provide more for their family that includes a year round, full time job, with their families in the USA and benefitting from a more formal education. Who is going to take care of the golf courses? Even those with lower expectations and robots that mow grass that doesn't require pesticides. Dave Schlagetter
  2. Thank you Dave. Like your response. Love the last paragraph. Enjoy your weekend. Dave Schlagetter
  3. Thanks for the article Dave. I love reading your thoughts. Could you explain to me your definition of the word Sustainable or Sustainability as it relates to golf courses for me? Not trying to be passive-aggressive here, but I still don't get it and I want to learn what I don't understand. Why does it mean for a golf course to be sustainable? All the best, Dave Schlagetter Indian Hill Club Winnetka, IL
  4. Sweating the small stuff is a curse. But I'm grateful for the ability to see the small stuff. It's what separates the men from the boys in our business. How you handle it is what will create your work environment.
  5. Am I doing my convertions correctly. You are diluting 2 pounds of urea per gallon of water. That's higher than most dudes are going. But the dilution chart you sent me says that there is still much more room for dilution. Do you see any precipitate at that rate?

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