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  1. I thought it was fine. As usual, show was busier on day one. The number of vendors seemed down from last year. Accomodations were good, although lack of shuttle service may turn some people off. It also appeared to me that the homeless population was much higher than before. I do like the proximity to local restaurants so that you are not robbed eating lunch at the convention center. The weather is always a crap shoot in SA. This year was fine, although a little cooler than normal. It was a little cool for golf (except for Saturday). At least we were not snowed out like last time!
  2. Thanks Randy! We have 3 of them. We bought 2 of them a few years ago for $1500 ($750 each). We put roughly $5000 into these units (total) and they are like new. We have another that is as old as the course..58 years old still going strong! They do a great job on our bermudagrass rough.
  3. You just put into words what many of us have been thinking for years. Now it is time to do something about it. Thank you!!
  4. Great points on this video. I think Mike and Randy know exactly what has happened to golf and what needs to be done to fix it.
  5. Peter, I think I joined Turfnet mainly for your monthly columns. As always, very well written and full of useful information and observations. Congratulations on the 20 years! Jeff
  6. Adam,

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Are you still interested in these controllers? If so, send me an e-mail jeffwcc1@gmail.com so that I can send you some photos and specs.

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