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  1. Chevy Chase Club was organized in the fall of 1892 by a group of men from the Metropolitan Club of Washington, D.C., including Francis G. Newlands. For some time, there had been a good deal of sentiment in the Metropolitan Club in favor of a country club where the growing interest in horses, sports and recreation could be pursued. The Club would also serve as a social center for members and their families well-removed from the turmoil of the growing city. The Club’ s first permanent location was in 1894 on a tract of land that included a pre-revolutionary war frame house known as the Bradley Farmhouse built in 1747. The game of golf was introduced with six holes at the Club in 1895, the same year the USGA was founded. In 1897, the Club was able to purchase this 9.36-acre tract on which the Bradley House was situated. Today, the club offers an 18-hole golf course, golf practice facility, 17 outdoor tennis courts, four indoor tennis courts, seven paddle tennis courts, a fitness facility, three swimming pools, eight lanes of duckpin bowling, an outdoor ice rink, an eighteen room guest house, a nature trail and greenhouses. Food and beverage facilities include three clubhouse dining rooms, full banquet facilities, two seasonal sports canteens and a casual dining Winter Center. The club first introduced golf in 1895 with just 6 holes, in 1896 the 6 hole course was expanded to 9 holes, in 1909 and very early in his career, Donald Ross expanded the existing 9 holes to 18 holes. In 1924 the firm of Colt & Alison re-designed the existing Donald Ross course to the current routing that exists today with some modifications made by various architects throughout the years. The club has recently engaged golf course architect Andrew Green to begin research on a course master plan in works for 2023 - 2024. Today, the golf course consists of creeping bentgrass tees, fairways, and greens. The course hosts approximately 19,000 rounds and is predominately a walking club.

    Chevy Chase, Maryland. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Hourly - DOE

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