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  1. Thanks Peter. As usual good thoughts to pass on. Time with family and being outside are always the best option.
  2. Peter, Your appreciation of the early mornings serenity is obvious in your writing. It sounds beautiful and the best medicine one could get for what ails one. Makes me miss Maine, Hope to find it on the Cape. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  3. Matt, Well said. Jon's trips to Ireland are well planned and a great deal. This will be the first Ireland trip I won't be on, life getting in the way thing. I will truly miss it. My wife went on the first trip in 2009 and really enjoyed the time she spent on the trip and she doesn't like golf and thats a credit to Jon Kiger. Mark
  4. Well written Pete. I only skated with Tom and TurfNet for 4 or 5 years in the early days. He was a good guy, team mate and great story teller. Always a smile and big hello. You said it all in your note. I only wish I could have stayed long enough to hear you play along with all those bluegrass players in celebration of Tom. Only the best to you.
  5. Peter, Great story from the Cheap Seats. It's always nice to read your well worded and thought out work. I've been reading a long time and hope to read them for many more years even if they don't come as frequent as years past. Your point is right on and should not be taken lightly Warm Regards
  6. Peter, well said. My wife and I always enjoyed your writings over the years. I commend you on the topics you've covered and your straight forward style. As you know I've always been one of those readers that never posts. TurfNet has always been ahead of the pack going where others usually follow. You created a great resource for those of us in the industry. Thank you for your hard work and commitment over the years making my life easier.
  7. It's a great golf track enjoy your experience and do travel around when given the chance.
  8. John, Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the William Sanson D S A. I also want to thank you for your work on running the G C Hockey Challenge, it's a great time. I had the opportunity to play for Coach McCormick and TurfNet on their 1st trip and a few more until me knees gave out. I'm impressed by your schedule and wouldn't mind trying it here. The only issue is my members don't want to see us on a weekend. Best regards, Mark
  9. Peter, Congratulations on a job well done with family and TurfNet! Here's to your health and good fortune on the road ahead. Mark
  10. Mark,

    I am taking my father on the Ireland trip in October, wondering if you got your airlines squared away? NY to Boston to Shannon looks like my only choice...you doing the same?


  11. Mark,

    Liked your video on the sign machine. Curious on what model you have and approx cost, if you get a chance could you shine some light on me please? Thanks, John

    Indian Hills CC, northport,NY

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