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  1. I recall you reaching a hand to me next to the bridge site on 16. I was broken and you listened; I will never forget that. Your writing gets better with every stroke of the pen...keep after it Dave.
  2. "And I prayed that Mike would say nothing to me. He never did. " No, I never did, but those teen years left you blind to the fact that not much got by me! You couldn't hide it from the rest of the crew & Bill and Donna were kind enough to fill me in...it all still makes me laugh when I think about it.
  3. #7 speaks loudly to me. Playing as a kid with my Dad and brothers I recall scraping a path through the unremoved plugs on the green so we could putt; I don't ever recall anyone complaining. Clutter on the golf course also comes in here: ropes, stakes, signs, ball washers, divot boxes on par 3 tees...for me, it is all completely unnecessary, but a greens committee somewhere decided all this "stuff" was necessary. Where do you want to wash your golf ball? Before you putt or before you tee off? I want a clean golf ball when I putt so IMHO the ball washer ought to be located next to the green or it shouldn't be there. I've not seen ropes, stakes or signs prevent someone from driving their cart wherever they please so why battle this on a daily basis; it seems a waste of time. The "adjustment" will continue and a balance will be found, but courses will continue to close. I was in Gulf Shores AL a month ago and found the course we played in the State Park 3 years ago is now closed. You've seen most everything Dave; I say "say it as you see it". It's time the powers of the game start to realize change is good.
  4. Another great piece of writing Dave...enjoy San Diego.
  5. I hadn't heard this story Dave; I'm sure those memories are vivid. It is amazing the number of people who lose there life in private aircraft.
  6. Dave...I wish I had your ability with words; that is truly one of the best pieces I've ever read about end of life. I don't have to tell you how I feel, but I will say I am damn proud of you. Give Donna a hug from Denise and me.
  7. All due to a chance meeting in the parking lot at Hiddenbrooke Golf Course after a round of golf several years ago. I assure you I will never buy another vehicle any other way.
  8. Mr. Reifert...where are you these days? I haven't seen you at the "big show" in recent years. I'm still in Sonoma...5 years and counting.

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